Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Never Again, My Friend

Although I am still fairly young (especially when compared to really, really old people), I discovered two things this past weekend that I am way too old to do any more.

The first of those things is eat large amounts of carnival foods. Our annual street festival was in town this past weekend and the Phillips family set out Friday night for an evening of funnel cakes, pony rides, corn dogs, kettle corn, and more kettle corn. Upon entering the festival's gates we scooped up a bag of kettle corn (which I requested Tobe serve at my funeral should I pass before him). This bag was enjoyed by all, especially Evelyn. We then managed to purchase two large cups of fresh lemonade, a corn dog, a hamburger, and a funnel cake. The ol stomach was not doing too well once we arrived home. In high school I one time attended a step aerobics class and then immediately proceeded to the nearest hamburger joint and scooped up a large hamburger and ate it at the park with a friend. Those days are long gone, my friend (thankfully, the step aerobics phase went with them). At the next street festival I have decided to limit my intake of food sold from a portable trailer to three items. I'll let you know how that goes or if I am lured by the glorious temptation that is fried candy bars.

The big hit at the street festival with the children was the large sandbox that appeared to basically be filled with mud. I am pretty sure people three blocks away heard the screams coming from Evelyn's mouth when it was time to remove her from her precious sand.
The other thing I discovered that I am much too old for is Pump It Up!. Isaac attended a birthday there Sunday night and I was his parent in attendance (Tobe and E. hung out at home). Fortunately I had changed out of the skirt I had been wearing all day and put on a pair of jeans for the party. Little did I know that I really needed a stretchy pair of yoga pants, a ponytail holder, and perhaps some sweatbands. Because most 2.5 year olds (and some of the older kids) aren't that good at scaling twelve foot inflatable slides or crawling through large obstacle courses, I had to join in on the "fun." Later that evening I was a little confused as to why I was completely wiped out by 9pm....until I remembered that just hours earlier I had basically completed basic training in the form of inflatable bounce houses.

What are you too old to do these days?


Kelly said...

Y'all are such good faithful citizens supporting all of the city events! :)

I'm way too old to stay up late. I tried while out of town, and it is kicking my behind!

Jennifer said...

just wait...as the kids get older you will see that almost half of the birthday party invites will be held at these jump house places. Yes, I get a workout quite often there myself!

JenniferReinsch said...

I am way too old to stay up late. I love me some sleep. Too bad I have a lock-in scheduled for the kids in a couple of weeks.

Shanta said...

Happy belated birthday to beautiful E. And I love the superhero pose!

I am too old to shop at American Eagle, Abercrombie (although I never fit into anything they sell,) and Forever 21.

Amy said...

Funny post! Last time I partook of funnel cakes and lemonade was at the state fair and I was 6 months pregnant, entertaining my 2 year old Little C. Only a few hours later, my body had fully rejected the carnival food and I was in the ER with contractions! Fortunately, it was only dehydration (go figure, with all the sodium that was in that food!).

Also in my "old age," I cannot stay up past 1 am anymore. I am worthless the next day and will even get nauseated.

Lastly, I have outgrown the tubing on the lake days. My poor neck just can't handle the whiplash anymore!