Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Saving Summer Carnival

Just in time for summer to officially greet us, Savethephillipsfamily is hosting a blog carnival. This carnival, although lacking funnel cakes and bounce houses, is going to serve as a way for all you Mommies (or Daddies, grandparents, crazy uncles, etc) to share your summer plans and any strategy you might have for surviving the summer months with kids.

If you are super-structured and have various spreadsheets outlining the next three months, share them.

If you are incredibly laid-back and plan to simply toss some pop-tarts on the floor, along with a few broken crayons and torn sheets of paper, share those ideas.

If you are going on an extended cruise around the Caribbean where there will be a large staff of people waiting on your every need....uh, you might want to keep that one to yourself.

Whatever your plans/goals/ideas are for this summer, I hope you will take the time to type out a post on MONDAY JUNE 2nd and link it on my blog. (Mr. Linky will hopefully be up by 12:01 am Monday morning). I invite all of you to write about what you and your family are going to do this summer, scoot back over here to, and submit your link to your post so everyone can benefit from your stellar plans.

Above you will see my nifty button advertising this little carnival created by Jen at Trendy Mommy Blog Designs. If you would like to join the fun and put the button on your blog as well (either now on your sidebar or on Monday...whatever is cool), here is the code: target="_blank">" border="0" alt="Saving Summer Carnival">

Not sure exactly how to add a button to your sidebar? Here are some excellent directions provided by Blogging Basics 101.

Hope to see everyone on Monday!

(PS...still not exactly sure what a blog carnival is? Read here for an excellent description.)


Sydni said...

I'm so excited about your carnival plan... it's just that I don't really have any good ideas... like, ever! BUT, maybe I can copy and steal great ideas this way!

I'll try to contribute, I promise... ...

Your Staycation sounds wonderful too, by the way!

Shelley said...

How fun!!!

Shanta said...

Girlfriend, how do you stay in the KNOW on everything??? Please give me the skinny on the Jon and Kate (and Beth) book and her appearance in A-town. Roadtrip?