Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Phase

Parenthood brings with it many phases, stages, and seasons. Some of these, such as the various night feedings or crying jags brought on by newly sprouting teeth, I had researched beforehand and felt semi-ready to tackle the challenge.

We have recently entered a new phase that I don't recall The Baby Whisperer or the old-school Dr. Sears ever covering in one of their books.

It is the, "Run like a crazy woman in search of the nearest public restroom" phase.

Isaac is potty-trained, and has been for a while now, but recently he has decided he must use the public restroom IMMEDIATELY before there is a "situation." This has caused me, someone who does not require frequent trips to such locations...especially in public, to learn to be on the lookout at all times for the nearest facility.

Tuesday at story time, just as the lion and the mouse where becoming quite animated during the puppet show, Isaac informed me (and the other children and parents present), "I have to go to the po*ty NOW."

Off we went, Evelyn flapping around in the stroller because she was only attached with one buckle, the diaper bag spilling out precious contents of Cheerios and board books, and me encouraging Isaac to just RUN!. Hopefully the lion and mouse weren't jealous of the fact that their skit had temporarily been upstaged by a more frantic comedy routine.

Today as we were placing our order at the mall's food court with friends, Isaac again informed me in his insistent voice, "I have to go to the po*ty NOW, Mommy."

The man at Burger King likely didn't even notice I was no longer standing in front of him when he looked up from the register. He probably only saw a blur of red from our stroller as I raced the three of us to the public restroom. Fortunately there were no elderly people out for a casual stroll around the mall nor any small children stopping to tie a shoe lace...if there had been they might have experienced an unfortunate meeting with our stroller.

This phase is interesting, to say the least. Often times I am faced with what seems to resemble some kind of mathematical equation of how to wrestle two children plus myself, a stroller, and a bag into a bathroom stall while making sure no one touches or eats anything and everyone has a chance to accomplish the goal set before us. Other times I feel the need to put on my running shoes and sweat bands and I run our little trio halfway around a store in search of a restroom.

Interesting, indeed.

(Oh, the pictures at the top of the post....they are just random shots of the kids in case you forgot what they looked like. Your welcome.)


JenniferReinsch said...

I love Evelyn's cherry bathing suit.

Kelly said...

I am just scared silly of potty training, but it does make for some funny stories. :)

Leanne said...

I swear when Lauren started potty-training last year that she would hold it until we were in a place we had never been to the bathroom before. Then she would tell me she needed to go, and oh the sheer joy and excitement of exploring a public bathroom we had never been in! After a year of this, I can safely say I have visited almost every single public restroom in our quaint town, and also avoid stores that don't have public restrooms like the plague. :)