Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Aarrgh, shiver me timbers...we have quite the band of pirates here at casa de phillips.

Who knew that when I tied a simple tablecloth onto Evelyn's head the other day, I would have invented the children's new favorite pastime of being pirates. I am not even sure that Isaac understands what a pirate is outside of the one lone Little People pirate figurine we own, but they love to wear the do-rag and say "Aaargh" a lot. We just go with what entertains, my friend.

Today I had the lovely opportunity to leave the house alone during the day and get my hair cut. It was almost the same type of rush one feels when skipping school or sneaking away from a certain bible professor's class due to the fact he had poor eyesight and going to Grandy's for cinnamon rolls (right, Al?).

I almost skipped into the salon, happy to be alone and for someone else to be responsible for blowing this mane of hair dry for once. Although I was going in for a hair cut, I actually only had 1/2 an inch trimmed off (I am still growing the hair for Locks of Love....most likely until the fall). The haircut itself took about three minutes due to the fact I no longer have layers. However, the blowout took an hour. Yes, an hour. This sweet stylist painstakingly sectioned off my long, outrageously thick hair into tiny sections and dried each one individually with a large round brush. I actually started to drift off to sleep in the process.

Although it took an hour, the end result is quite nice. In fact, I am contemplating sleeping in a sitting position as to not crimp or bend my freshly straightened hair.

During the hour I was sitting in the stylist chair, I noticed something intriguing. Seems that while you are getting coiffed and beautiful, one can watch television or surf the Internet with their own personal television/laptop thing that was attached to the salon chair. I contemplated typing out a blog post that said something like, "Hey, I am on the Internet while getting my hair cut. Isn't technology cool?" but decided that was a bit dorky even for me. Besides how could I possibly nap, have my hair dried, and type all at one time?

So I opted to simply watch E! News while having the hair styled. It was then that I realized that televisions have become a staple item in almost every locale...not just in the family living room. There are televisions hanging down from the ceilings in Wal-Mart running constant advertisements, televisions in most restaurants and not just Sports Bars anymore, televisions in cars and planes, televisions on phones, and televisions directly in front of me at the beauty salon. The thought slightly depressed me. Are we just a few short years away from everyone carrying around their own television and watching it non-stop, regardless of time, place or activity? Good-bye personal interaction.

That just makes my head hurt thinking about it.

Enough deep thoughts for the evening. After brushing up on all things pirate, I am off to sleep upright in one of our kitchen chairs so I can have a good hair day tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Saving Summer Carnival. Tons of great ideas where shared! If you haven't checked them out, be sure to stop by these girls' blogs and read their great plans for a fun summer. Make sure to leave them a comment, because we all know comments brighten everyone's day!
There is still time to participate if you want...the post will remain on the front page of my blog for a few days and then it will be relocated to the sidebar. Simply click on the "Saving Summer Carnival" button to access it.


Jennifer said...

you have some pretty cute pirates on your hands!

I agree about the TV comment. It's everywhere.

I'm cracking up thinking about you sleeping in a chair in order to save the hair. The things we will do for beauty!

Erika said...

Those two are so adorable! E looks like she is loving it!
I enjoy a good trip to the salon as well. I know what you mean about the television. I have been trying to make an effort to turn ours off more often. Seems like it is background noise more often than not.

JenniferReinsch said...

Those are the funniest pictures I have seen in quite some time. Those two look right at home with doo-rags on their heads.

Ashley said...

E News makes me happy almost every day!

For the Summer Carnival we got a year membership to the Science Spectrum, does that count?

Jennifer said...

So glad I found your blog via Robin's. You are too funny...am a hooked reader.

margk said...

Sweet pictures. Sounds like you have great plans for the summer. Park hopping is a great idea. I think we will try that here.

Sydni said...

Those are two of the cutest pirates I have EVER seen!