Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer

Casa de phillips is still here and thriving, for you four readers wondering why my posts are not happening quite as frequently these days. I would like to blame it on excessive business or large quantities of time spent memorizing scripture (neither is the case), but actually it seems to be due to a bit of writer's block and tiredness.

Don't worry though. The days are getting hotter, which means soon I will be forced to take the cooler route on my morning walk that involves the duck and his maniacal friend, baby duck. We all know how those stories turn out.

The only crazy things I experienced yesterday was 1. My dentist informed me I need braces and 2. I saw a mom toting a glass of wine to the playground

Let me explain.

First, I was at the dentist for my routine check-up (maintaining my "No Cavities Ever" title yet again). Everything looks great, except for the fact that he thinks I need braces. I had braces about two decades ago, but apparently that wasn't enough. Seems that the ol mouth needs some more work. My initial thoughts on this include wondering if the colored rubber band spacers are still in style like they were in 1989 and how I will officially look like my children's babysitter if I put braces on this already young looking face.

As for the mom with her wine at the playground....she was carrying her rather large glass of wine in the right hand along with her child's chocolate milk in the left. Did I mention it was 11am? Does that seem odd to anyone else? There are days when I wish I had a large margarita machine perched on my kitchen counter because it would make that 4:30-6pm "Everyone has lost their mind" time a lot easier to manage, but I have never contemplated the glass of wine with lunch at the playground. Maybe this mom knows something I don't...
(In case you were wondering, the playground was at an upscale grocery store...thus the access to wine in the first place.)

As far as the children are concerned, they are excellent. By excellent, I mean sweet, frustrating, lovable, and maddening all tied up into two cute little packages. Isaac continues to say things all the time that crack us up. He is forever planning something and currently has down exactly what he wants to happen on Christmas Day (it involves play hide-and-seek...odd, huh?). Evelyn is...Evelyn, Bless her heart. She is the sweetest little girl with the largest streak of spunk the Lord has ever created. I bemoaned some of this spunk to my mom the other day on the phone, only for her to say, "Been there, done that." Seems that spunk is genetic. Mom said I toned it down around age four, which was slightly reassuring. Although that "spunk" can wear us out on some days, that little girl has the whole house wrapped around her little finger. Her latest thing is to put her baby dolls "night-night", which includes feeding them, laying them down, and kissing them. Melts my heart.

Here are a few pictures of the dynamic duo in case you forgot what they looked like.

Those long legs just kill me....where did baby Isaac Michael go?
My sweet friend Robin mailed me this shirt this week. Yep, it reads, "2 Cute 4 Timeout". Isn't that a hoot?

Here is video of E. dancing. I know the first part is sideways. Apparently I was not paying close attention while making the video and turned the camera mid-filming...thus part of it has to be sideways. Sorry.

Did you notice the shoes on Evelyn...she insists on wearing them all the time, going so far as attempting to putting them on herself if an adult is not around to assist.


Shelley said...

They are so cute! WOW on the mom with the wine. And I say go for the braces!! Maybe it will make you feel 14 again :) Heck, I may need to try and get them again!

Jennifer said...

that is crazy about the wine......although I recently heard a story on the news about how the number of moms that get pulled over during the day while intoxicated is on the rise. Many drink a coctail while kids are at school, get loaded and then head out to pick them up. Nuts!

Robin said...

E looks adorable in her I knew she would. :) Her dancing video is ADORABLE! Ian watched it and was jiving along, trying to imitate her moves. Unfortunately, he may have my sense of rhythm.

Happy weekend,

Shanta said...

I like the way E rocks "She'll be comin 'round the mountain." Work it girl!

amerriman said...

I loved catching up with your blog. Yes, 11:30 is a little early, I would have liked to see her around 5:00! Great pictures of your kids, they are growing up so fast!