Monday, June 23, 2008


Sometimes I wonder what phrases or ideas my children will one day associate with me when they are adults. What are my "Mom-isms" that fall from my lips on a daily basis? What things will my two little ones accidentally find themselves saying to their own children in a few decades and then cringe in horror over realizing they actually sounded just like their dear old mom?

Saturday was a beautiful day, begun at a local farmer's market selecting all types of yummy organic fruit and veggies (the line for tomatoes was unreal...fortunately we aren't huge tomato connoisseurs). Then it was off to our local community pool to catch some rays, under the shield of SPF 85, and splash around. Evelyn is truly my child in the water, splashing around like a little cherry-clad fish, whining when I won't let her down in the big pool (no floats or swim devices are allowed...just dear ol mom's arms). Isaac is a bit more cautious when it comes to the water. He enjoys it, but it takes him a while to build up his courage.

As I was carting him around in the big pool, having him practice swimming at my side while I held on securely to his waist, words from my youth fell out of my mouth.

Let me rephrase...although these words spoken by me on Saturday were from my youth, they were not words I ever uttered as a child.

They were the words of my mother. Words that made me roll my eyes each and every summer for 10+ years.

Words that I unconsciously spoke to my own child.

What were these words, you ask.

"Please don't splash so much. I don't want my hair to get wet."

Yeah, I cringed.

Then I purposely let the tip of my ponytail graze the water to prove that I am still young and hip.

(Love you, Mom...and sorry about all those times we got your hair wet. I now understand!)


Jennifer said...

too funny! I'm afraid I"ve said it before as well.

Erika said...

I honestly laughed out loud! :)

DCVol said...

Your two little fishes are adorable! I too act like an old woman while in the pool....all the splashing wears me out until I just give up on the dry hair ideal and dunk under-neath for some refreshment.