Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th

If you check your calender, you might notice that today is Friday the 13th. I haven't put much stock in superstitious days in the past. However all of that changed this morning at breakfast.

As I sipped on a cup of coffee, bleary-eyed and struggling to comprehend the daylight due to a long night spent with a teething 13 month old, Isaac glanced up from his blueberry muffins and noticed a magazine that was laying open on the table.

"Hey, Mommy, your picture is in the magazine!"

Although I would not mind being featured in Ladies Home Journal, it was not my picture found among its pages. No, dear reader, it was instead that of Kathie Lee Gifford....a woman who is at least 20 years older than me.

I am now going back to bed until Saturday the 14th.


Jennifer said...

too funny. At least she's a pretty woman. Must have been the hair!

Oh, I clicked your link and there is a naked chick on it. You may want to check again!

Kelli said...

Too funny! It's the long light red hair!

I spread out the miracle swaddling blanket on my bed a few days ago and Matthew looked at it and said, "Is that your big underwear?" Nice.

Ashley said...

Hilarious and totall not true

kelly said...

That just made me laugh out loud.... that little Isaac just cracks me up.