Sunday, June 01, 2008

Just Another Saturday Morning at Casa de Phillips

I remember Saturday mornings not too long ago when Tobe and I used to lounge on our respective couches, engrossed in some sort of book or magazine. We would then lazily head to the local gym for a weekend workout before getting started on our plans for the day.

This is what our house looks like on Saturday mornings these days:

Not sure if you can tell or not from the clip above, but E. loves her car. She is really quite good at driving it (she can go forwards and backwards and is able to get on and off herself), especially since she isn't walking as of yet. The back of her little car is equipped with a "car seat" so one of her baby dolls can ride along. However, when I put a doll in it's seat, Evelyn promptly pulls it out and throws it on the ground, usually running over it in the process. We are still working on those mothering skills.

Here is E. this morning, playing around on her car before getting dressed. Notice the headgear....Evelyn loves hats and wore this play tablecloth on her head for quite a while today. She would move quite slowly as to prevent it from falling off. The amusing thing about this is that the girl will wear a long tablecloth on her head for a solid 45 minutes but instantly rips out a tiny bow the moment it is clipped to her hair.

Don't forget...the Saving Summer Carnival is TOMORROW!!!! Can't wait to hear what everyone has planned for the summer!


Shanta said...

I love the tablecloth. That's some tasty accessorizing. I just melted at the pictures of the girl and her brother. Soooo incredibly sweet. Even if only for 12 seconds.

Paige said...

Love a girl and a hat! Excited about tomorrow!