Tuesday, June 24, 2008

In an Ideal World

...my closet would prune itself of dated/too big/too small/just-not-my-style clothes while I sit here and blog

...I would have remembered to dispose of the box of two chicken nuggets and an odd number of french fries that I stuffed in my purse as we left Chick-fil-A last night before this morning

...cookie dough would be considered a vegetable

...I could somehow magically win free maid service for a year, despite never entering such a drawing.

...my children would not have discovered our DVD stash and then decided it was their job to remove each and every DVD from its case, close the empty case, and going on their merry way.
This left me to believe the mess had been cleaned up by simply putting said (empty) cases back where they belong....only to discover a random pile of DVDs on the top of a bookshelf 12 hours later

...summertime in Texas would be equivalent temperature wise with summertime in San Diego

...our refrigerator was self-cleaning just like the oven

...whoever is reading the latest Emily Giffin book from my local public library would return it ASAP so I can have the chance to enjoy it.

...there would be a Sonic within 10 feet of my home (likely not good for property value but I would never be thirsty)

...naptime minutes would consist of 180 seconds rather than the standard 60 seconds

...supper preparation time would find myself happily stirring a boiling pot of delicious dinner while my children colored peacefully in the living room while listening to classical music

What would happen in your ideal world?


Kelly said...

Hmmmmmm? During the baby/toddler stage of not being able to communicate very well yet...I would love to have jibberish and/or whining translated to English.

And during the crazy summer heat, I would love the equivilant of underarm antiperspirant for the forehead. :)

kelly said...

Love your ideal world... I agree with many and would only add a spout in my kitchen with an endless supply of sweet tea, a hair product that really takes away humidity frizz, and a product that gets engrained sweet potatoes out of children's bibs and shirts.

margk said...

laudry done and put away, sheets changed, a volume control for Nicholas, my husband not having to work such long hours, no diets!!!