Saturday, June 07, 2008

An Honor

Today at 3pm I will stand beside one of my 1017 roomies (*) as she repeats the sacred vows of marriage, exchanging her title of Miss for Mrs. What an honor.

Above is a picture of four out of the five (miss you, Kara!) 1017 girls taken last night at the rehearsal dinner. As we were doing the standard practice of walking down the aisle and assuming our positions on the steps of the stage (please, Lord, don't let me fall off), I began to think of how the four of us girls looked pretty much the same as we did 10+ years ago during our reign at 1017. We certainly were laughing at the same random jokes and recounting the same college tales. It wasn't until the slide show played after dinner, which included numerous pictures of the five of us in various costumes or formals (I am sure the other people in attendance at the dinner wondered if we ever wore actual street clothes), that I came to understand that the giggly group of girls has morphed into something that might now be described as dignified and (almost) classy women. Strange.

I wish I could go back in time and tell those five college-aged girls that things go well in the next ten years. Some of them marry the expected mate, others marry surprises. There is some heartache and some labor pains (there are currently seven children among the five of us). Yet in the short span of ten years, we are doing okay. What a blessing!

Happy Wedding Day, lil Laura! We love you!

**(Definition of 1017 roomie: My junior and senior years of college I lived in a old house located at 1017 Washington Blvd with four of my closest friends. From that moment on, we have identified us as the 1017 Roomies and will continue to do so for the next seventy years. Should we all turn into the Golden Girls one day, I have grand plans for us to return to 1017 Washington Blvd...after extensive renovations...and live out our final years together.)


Kelly said...

How fun! College friends (and especially roommates) are true treasures.

Kara Alexander said...

I missed you all, too! Thanks for posting the pics and other remembrances. You all look so beautiful, and I can join in the fun and festivities this way. Can't wait for the fall reunion!