Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Brother and Sister

I have a little secret.

I hope 20 years from now, the two little ones pictured above, will one day be found gossiping on the phone together about all the little things their mother did that drove them absolutely crazy growing up.

If such conversation(s) occur, then I know these two have formed a friendship that will last a lifetime and I will be one proud mama.

We have entered the stage (and have actually been there for awhile) where brother and sister can play together. It is a nice stage (I can get things done), a frustrating stage (oh, the fighting and tears), a humorous stage (stories to follow) and a sweet stage....all rolled up into the everyday life of our little family.

Currently, play between brother and sister revolves around E. following Isaac's lead and mimicking everything he does. She is quite the myna bird (thus her extensive vocabulary). Being close in age, they have similar interest and their toys have gone from "his" and "hers" into "ours." (And the fights have increased three fold).

Aside from playing, there is more genuine brother/sister interaction. The other day I allowed Isaac to wake E. from her nap (the girl loves a good snooze in the afternoons and some days we actually have to wake her). I heard them giggling and chatting and walked into the room to find Isaac attempting to suction out E.'s nose (she has HORRIBLE allergies) and E. willingly letting him do it. That is some sibling love.

Yesterday morning while I drove Isaac to preschool, Isaac began talking in the backseat. I didn't quite catch what he was saying, so I asked him to repeat himself. He said in quite the annoyed tone, "I wasn't talking to you, Mommy. I was talking to Baby Evelyn." So begins the era of Mommy not being clued in to all conversations.....

When one child is disciplined, the other child's ears quickly perk up. Often times one will seek out the other who happens to be in time-out. The other day we placed E. in her crib for repeatedly screaming. Isaac promptly entered her room after we left because he wanted to "cheer her up."

Fortunately, Evelyn has stopped crying when we drop Isaac off at school, however she asks for him no less than 63 times in a four hour period. She will ask, "Isaac?" and I will give the standard reply of "He is at school." Her comeback is always, "Oh."
Although she misses her brother during those four hours, she seems to be enjoying the single child life quite a bit. Especially when she gets a least one secret visit a week to the local train depot.



Lauren from Indiana said...

Oh! That is about the sweetest thing I have ever heard. It makes me wish I had a sibling. Too precious!

carseatmama said...

fyi, not trying to harp. When a child is in a forward-facing carseat their straps should be at or ABOVE their shoulders. Check your owner's manual for confirmation.

Jennifer Reinsch said...

such a sweet post!