Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Lost: Pink Bow, Answers to the Name of "Rette"

Tuesday and Wednesday mornings are "Evelyn and Mommy" time. We are just now (after a month and a half) getting into a groove of how to spend our four hours on each of these days while Isaac is in preschool.

We usually make a trip by the local train, yelling "Hi, ChooChoo!" from an open window of our car. We run some errands. We swing by the park for some time on the slide. We have even gotten out a few of our Baby Einstein movies (the one with the train) and watched it side-by-side, learning some new words together.

It is a joy to experience this little girl one-on-one...something I had the priviledge of doing with her brother but never with her until this school year (last year she simply napped while Isaac was in school....which was good for cleaning but bad for play time alone). On these days, she totters after me around the house, helping me with such important tasks as the "lan-dy". She has free reign over all the toys and can usually be found in her brother's room. Last week we pulled out Isaac's train set (see a train theme here? The girl is slightly obsessed.). We drove the trains around the track, pausing to take the conducter out to put him "nigh-nigh" and feeding him a bottle (her ideas, not mine...she likes to put a girly spin on her train playing).

Today was a another fun day of Mommy/E. time, including two first for Miss Evelyn:

1. Crumpling up on a sidewalk in utter despair when instructed that she had to hold Mommy's hand if she was going to walk. Oh, the tears that flowed over this one. Fortunately she is still small enough where I could quickly pick her up off the concerete and continue on our way.

2. Throwing a bow out the car window. Yes, she removed her 'rette (aka barratte) out of her hair while we were driving to get Isaac from school. Her window was down because she was toeing the line of having a complete meltdown (we have to push back naptime on school days...not always a happy experience) and feeling the breeze in her face makes her happy. One minute she was holding the bow, the next minute she was saying, "Uh-oh, 'rette!" with her little hand gripping onto the windowsill. After an extensive search of the car, I have determined that said 'rette did indeed get flung out the window. Fortunately it was not a good one, because I would be scouring the local access road for a small pink bow this afternoon after the kids woke from naptime.

Her babybook is going to be quite the colorful collection of tales, from her first tooth to her first bow-flinging experiences.


I did indeed summon the energy to make the play-dough yesterday and happy to report it did not stain my fingers purple. It did slightly burn them because I had little time to allow the dough to cool before kneading it. Isaac carted it off to school this morning, almost toppling over backwards in the school parking lot due to the excess weight in his backpack (that stuff was heavy...could be the four cups of flour and one cup of salt it required).


Here is the code for the button for my "Saving Supper" carnival (see details HERE!). I hope everyone joins in...owner of children or not. Even if there are no little fingers or voices interrupting your dinner prep time, but you have some ideas to help others out...please share. Also remember there is a giveaway!!!!

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