Sunday, October 05, 2008

In the Past 36 Hours

I Have:

...attended two birthday parties. Fortunately only one had a Dora theme. Unfortunately they both involved cake and ice cream...which I can never turn down.

...decided that since it is now October, I am no longer going to wear sandals to church again until Spring (unless I suddenly find myself on vacation in Jamaica on a Sunday...then I shall wear sandals). I am happy with this decision, however the Fall shoes I chose to wear this morning left a sad little blister on my heel.

...saved $40.17 at the grocery store by using coupons and my grocery store reward card.

...was able to spend some one-on-one time with Isaac. I don't know if there could possibly be a more thoughtful little boy.

...I heard Isaac say, "I love you, Baby Evelyn" randomly at supper. (It probably should be noted that he was eagerly waiting for a promised bowl of ice cream, which tends to put him in a super good mood.)

...I passed a very large Pro-Life/Pro-Adoption rally on the way to the grocery store. Although I am pro-life my own self (see number 27 on my 100 things), it was a bit strange to see small children (toddler age) standing by the side of the road holding up "Abortion kills babies!' signs. Not sure if I want to take my children down such a road at such a young age...

...While dressing the kids for bed tonight, Tobe was asking Isaac about what he studied in Sunday school today. Isaac was telling Tobe all about Moses, the burning bush, the staff turning into a snake, etc. Tobe asked what the bush said to Moses and Isaac quickly replied, "It said, 'Hi, Moses! I am the burning bush." Hmmm...we might need to cover that story again tomorrow during devotional time.

...Both of my children immediately started picking up toys when asked tonight. There was no fussing, no begging for 20 more minutes (Isaac's favorite request), nor simple ignoring of my requests. I am still expecting a pig to fly through the house at any moment....

...While grocery shopping this afternoon, I heard a fellow shopper's cell phone ring. Upon glancing at her caller ID, she LOUDLY proclaimed, "Oh, great, it's Grandma." in the most unpleasant tone possible. Please, if I ever call you on your cell phone, keep your disappointment or annoyance to yourself. I cringe at the thought of someone saying, "Oh's Lynley" loudly in a public place.

...Have officially decided that this reality show has jumped the reality show shark. Tobe thinks I should devote an entire blog post to this subject, but I am fearful of the Google hits I will receive . I am a bit disheartened by this, but life goes on.

What have you done in the past 36 hours?

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kelly said...

Great post~ I am amazed by all your grocery savings and I'm not even going to tell Travis how much you save b/c he will fly me down there to sit at your feet and learn how to save so much :). Ok, regarding J&K plus 8 if you do not post about it, do send me an email with your thoughts because I think I totally agree! I still like them and think they have great family values, but it is so obvious that they are liv'in the glam life due to their popularity.