Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Question and Answer Session

It seems that there were quite a few questions lurking in comments from previous posts that I have never gotten around to addressing. Oops. In hopes of answering a few of those inquisitions, here are some q&a’s.

Lynley, where is this place? It looks very cool.

This question is in reference to this post, in regards to where Tobe and I will be vacationing next week. It is a lovely cabin nestled in the woods of the Ozark Mountains. Just in case random axe murderers happen to check this blog, I am going to wait to post the link until after we return home. However, I am happy to report that our cabin does have WiFi and I will be blogging from deep in the woods.

I still would love to know where you get your coupons. I'm still amazed at the $75 saved!

I purchase the double coupon issue of the Dallas Morning News each Sunday. I know I am spending $2.50 in order to save money, but the amount I save in coupons each grocery trip more than makes up for the amount spent on the paper. I have checked into a subscription to see if it is cheaper…and it is not. Oh well. I enjoy making the 7-11 paper run on Sundays anyway.
Also, you can check on websites for coupons, either on coupon-printing websites (see http://www.couponmom.com/ for a list) or on the actual manufacturers website. For example, we eat a lot of Stoneyfield Farm’s yogurt. I occasionally get on that website looking for coupons. You can also email companies and ask if they have any they can send. Remember, it is a bad economy right now and everyone is looking to make a few dollars…even if they have to discount their product with a coupon.

Coupons are also getting better. A misconception is that they are all for processed food. We eat very, very little processed food (no meals from a box ever) and I am still saving money with coupons. Diaper coupons especially make me happy!

I have a question for your mom, are the Kathy Reichs books the ones that the television show Bones is based on? I'm assuming she enjoys them.

I consulted with my dear mother on this one and she confirmed that Kathy Reichs does indeed write the television show “Bones.” She enjoys the books greatly, as well as the show.

...what do you do with the cotton you grow?

Good question. Currently it is just waiting to be picked. Our “crop” is quite small and my husband simply planted it because his Grandfather is a cotton farmer. He thought it would be a fun learning experience for Isaac. If anyone would like to send their children over to pick cotton, feel free. Also, if anyone knows how to spin cotton into lovely Gymboree-type clothing, you are also more than welcome in my backyard.

So what do you if you don't have kids, but are desperate to win the pumpkin cinnamon rolls recipe?

This question is in reference to my upcoming Blog Carnival, which I hope everyone participates in on THIS Thursday. Don’t forget about the give-away! Feel free to participate even if you don’t have kids but have some creative ideas.

As for the pumpkin cinnamon roll recipe, I will likely post it next week. I have heard nothing from the organizer of the Baking Contest I entered them in this past weekend, so I am assuming they did not win. Fortunately Isaac has stopped inquiring as to the outcome of the contest, because I think it might break his heart a little to know his mommy lost.
What is the great Jon and Kate controversy?

The great Jon and Kate plus 8 debate…In fear of random Google searches hitting this blog, I am going to refrain from passing on third hand information about this show. However, I will email a link to a blog written by a distant family member of J&K if anyone is interested in reading about the controversy (see the button to the left for my email address if you do not already have it!). I have decided, after reading about all this controversy, if anyone ever approaches me to turn my family into a reality show, I am going to turn down their offer.

Months ago I pre-ordered (and pre-paid) for Kate’s book. Yesterday I got an email saying the book had shipped. I am still interested in reading it because it deals with how to organize a home, one of my all time favorite topics. I will let y’all know how it is.

I love E's haircut by all means what salon did you go to, because it looks way more girly than Cool Cuts?
We got E.’s haircut at Sweet and Sassy Salon, mainly because I wanted someone with lots of experience cutting baby girl’s hair. However, this is a salon where little girls can get manicures, pedicures, make-up application, and up-dos done….so it is a bit disturbing environment.

So tell me...what time do YOU go to the gym? If it's 5, I don't want to know….P.S. What's up with Isaac being up reading sight words at 6:20?

I am at the gym when it opens at 5:25 am. Yeah, it is hard to pull myself out of bed some days at 5am, but I would rather go first thing and get my work-out done rather than waiting until late at night. I am much more a morning person than a night person.

What helps me to get up and out the door so early is setting everything out the night before. All I have to do it stumble in the bathroom, throw on some work-out clothes, lace up my kicks, and head out the door. No thought required.

Just like his parents, Isaac is a morning person. He always has been. He usually wakes up around 6am and plays quietly in his room until 7am. Because he naturally wakes up early, we do put him to bed early at night to ensure a good night’s rest. As for the sight words…he is just very into attempting to read right now.

Here's my question: where did you find a six cup muffin tin? Is it the jumbo sized muffin tin?

The six cup muffin tin used here is a Jumbo sized one I bought for Evelyn’s first birthday party. I have yet to find a smaller size, six cup tin. I like the jumbo size because it holds lots of food and is easy to clean. We still use this as a plate most days at lunch.

I'm surprised you don't have to run your dishwasher more than you do. I seem to be forever loading and unloading the dishwasher.

I think I conveyed the wrong idea about how often we run the dishwasher. Typically I run it every day to every day and ½ due to the fact we usually eat three meals a day at home. However, I attempt to only have to run (and thus unload it) once on the weekend since I do not do as much cooking during that time.

I have been working with both kids on how to unload parts of the dishwasher and put some things away. My plan is to never have to personally unload the dishwasher again once they turn five…..

Thanks for sharing your life with your readers. I feel so much more normal when I when your blog!

I attempt to not sugar-coat things too much here at savethephillipsfamily.blogspot.com. I have really great kids who drive me a bit batty some days. They are not always sitting around in finely pressed outfits, holding hands, and singing church songs. Just yesterday I had to tell Isaac to quit sitting on his sister and had to put Evelyn in time-out about four times before 9am. On the flip side, I also took them yesterday to a “secret” toddler park in our little town and had the best time watching them run around and interact like friends.

I also have a really great husband who helps out tremendously at home, works hard, and finds time to buy me cute clothes so I can be stylish while shuttling Isaac back and forth to preschool. So all the good stuff I write about Tobe is not sugar-coated either…he just rocks.

Thanks for reading, everybody!

Any other questions lurking around out there?


mom said...

Wow, my third comment after the 500th blogging! To be clear, Kathy Reichs doesn't actually write the series "Bones," but the series is based on her books, and she is a consultant, I think.

Jennifer Reinsch said...

Thanks for answering the questions. As for the cotton crop, I feel certain that after you send your crop to the gin, you'll have at least enough cotton to make a pair of Levis.