Wednesday, October 01, 2008

She is A Delicate Little Thing....

Anyone planning on getting married soon and needing someone to sing "Ode to Joy (Beethoven's 9th)" at the wedding...if so, I have your gal.

Miss E. loves to sing and does so L.O.U.D.L.Y.

It cracks me up every time, bless her heart.

Although this video is a mere 60 some odd seconds long, the girl sang "LaLaLa" for hours yesterday. Hours. Who knew she was such a fan?

Enjoy....and be on the look-out for a video of her latest hit, the ever-popular "Peanut Butter and Jelly song" taught to her by her considerate brother

(*Yes, her dress is too small. It was "blue" day at preschool yesterday and Isaac feels as if the entire family must participate. Miss E. is rapidly growing out of her summer clothes and this was the only item of blue clothing she currently owns that is appropriate for our local, severe weather. I love the dress because it is made by a clothing company simply called "Evelyn.")


Ashley said...

So cute and so funny. E seriously does sing loud. That cracks me up.

alexis said...

I love your blog...been meaning to tell you that for a long time!! You have the cutest kids, and Isaac reminds me alot of Graham with the things he says!

Thanks for keeping me entertained!


Jennifer Reinsch said...

That's too cute.

Kelly said...

Cute, cute, cute.