Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Life in the Woods

Hola from the land of vacation!!!

Despite a promise of many posts being generated from our lovely cabin in the woods, I was unable to come through on such a statement.

It seems that the occupants that stayed in our cabin prior to our visit stole the wireless internet equipment. I am sure they will regret such a decision when the owners of this fine cabin bill them for three times the cost of such items.

Due to that theft, we have been internet-less and the ol lap top has remained dark the past few days. However, it is a clear beautiful morning and I am able to “borrow” the internet connection from the cabin next to us. Because the cabins are spaced out for privacy, such “borrowing” means that I am currently perched on the ledge of the Jacuzzi hot tub with the laptop aimed out the large window in hopes of establishing a wireless signal. Did I mention that I am fully clothed while in the Jacuzzi?

Vacation is going wonderfully. The leaves are vibrant colors, the woods quiet, and the temperatures cool. Our agenda to date has included the following:

Making my husband find a local diner for lunch on Monday…by local I mean somewhere that no one who was not a resident of that town would ever dine. It was excellent food and I believe my cholesterol went up 25 points afterwards

Moving into the most charming cabin in the woods, which happens to be bigger than casa de Phillips by about 100 square feet

Eating breakfast at a working grain mill

Exploring a local cavern and seeing hibernating bats

Summing the courage to climb an incredibly high observation tower with the husband, only to be “disappointed” when we had to bail out at the last second due to a large number of wasps in the area.

Visiting Thorncrown Chapel


Eating a large amount of food

Hiking to see such natural wonders of the world as a “Natural Bridge” and “Pivot Rock” and still unsure if we saw either an currently question the $7 we were charged for such an excursion

Eating some more

Participating in a Ghost Tour of a hotel here that was built in 1885. The tour lasted two and a half hours and was lead by a man who believes himself to be a person who can see, hear, and feel ghost and energies. It was a lot of fun and contained a lot of interesting history of the area. We made sure to tell the ghosts to stay at the hotel when we left (as instructed by our guide) and I made Tobe look under the beds and in the closets of our cabin when we arrived home. As of right now, I have not seen any small Victorian children following me around so I think we are okay.

Eating the world’s largest ice cream cone from McDonalds at 11:15pm at night.

Getting to ride a train while it was being “parked.” Seems that there were not enough people in our group to make an actual trip in the train, so we simply rode for free while the conductor parked the thing. We are hoping to ride it this morning and enjoy some fall foliage and hear some more history of the area (we are nerds, we know).

The tile of the bathroom area is starting to become quite frigid, so this post is going to half to come to an end. The children have yet to notice that Tobe and I are actually not with them at my parents’ house and are likely eating ice cream after every meal. I hope to find them some cool trinkets to bring back with me to remind them that Mommy does indeed rock, as opposed to anyone else. We’ll see how that goes.

Off for a hike with that cute husband of mine….


Kelly said...

Sounds wonderful!

Jennifer Reinsch said...

Glad you guys are having a good time.

Robin said...

What Fall fun! Enjoy every minute...and make sure you put that Jacuzzi to its intended use multiple times!


GPaty said...

I hope yall have a wonderful time! We will miss you guys terribly this weekend at the big 10 year reunion at ACU! Unless of course you are ending said vacation with a trip to Abilene......? Let us know if you are so I can let you in on a couple of plans. Otherwise, just know you are missed. Love you guys!