Friday, October 17, 2008

Pumpkin Patch '08

Casa de phillips is a flurry of excitement today as we are packing up and getting ready to leave for a week long vacation.

By "flurry" I mean that Isaac is so terribly beyond excited about visiting his grandparents that he has not stopped talking since 6:30am.

For example, it is currently naptime and the child is still talking, despite the fact that I took him to the park this morning for a playdate and he ran non-stop (while talking) for an hour and a half.

As he has said repeatedly today, "I'll just be so excited when I see Nanny and PopPop."

Such "excitement" has caused him to shut his sister in the laundry room door approximately five times before I came to the rescue, toss dry beans around the kitchen, hug his friend no less than 20 times during lunch, build a fort with his pillows during naptime, and ramble on to me as to why he can just wear underwear at naptime (we are not there yet, my friend).

It has also caused him to just exit his room, from where he was supposed to be napping, wearing absolutely NOTHING on his lower half and carrying two jackets exclaiming, "We have to pack my jackets, Mommy!"

Such "excitement" has made me contemplate sitting in the Little Tikes log cabin with a book until bedtime arrives (Is 6pm too early for bedtime?).

Because we are leaving town, I wanted to hit a local pumpkin patch before our trip. Yesterday afternoon, we loaded up and set out to explore the magical world of pumpkins, hay houses, and corn mazes. It was a great afternoon. As we were leaving, Isaac exclaimed, "Let's go eat some Mexican food for dinner." Tobe about cried, the statement touching his heart deeply. We promptly drove our boy (and our sweet girl...who just wanted raisins) to the nearest Mexican diner and feasted on chips and queso.

Here are a few pictures of our pumpkin fun.

Just for fun, here are pictures of the same pumpkin farm LAST year.
Funny how kids grow when you water and feed them.

Thanks to everyone who participated in my blog carnival. Feel free to post on it over the weekend if you want(Go here). As of right now, I am going to send everyone who participated a copy of some of my favorite recipes. I can either email it to you or send an actual hard copy through the mail. Simply drop me an email and let me know how you would like to receive your give-away!


Shanta said...

Wow, it's amazing what a difference a year makes! Happy Vacation!

Robin said...

Pumpkin patches are the best! Looks like you and I had the same idea (we went Friday). Have a wonderful vacation...enjoy some real Fall weather. :)


margk said...

Too cute! E is so tall!

Not to discourage you, but boys are hard to potty train. Patrick was not fully trained until he was 4 (I won't put this on my blog, but it is safe on yours).

Have a fun time on your vacation!