Monday, October 27, 2008

Vacation ReCap

If there are any readers left after my unexpected blogging hiatus last week (I did intend to blog on vacation until someone ruined the fun by swiping our wireless connection from the cabin), I will consider myself lucky. Here is a recap of our week:

Isaac and Evelyn knocking on Nanny and Pop Pop's door hoping to be let in...which they were immediately. However, they forgot to greet either me or Tobe upon arrival. We forgive them...who can resist these faces?
Fortunately we had a smooth six hours of driving time, only interrupted by a few diaper explosions (E. is getting her last few teeth) that had to be tended to quickly. Isaac is a great traveler and Evelyn is quickly learning to follow in his footsteps. Both kids were entertained easily and we didn't have to pull out the DVD player until the final hour. I plan to blog soon about our tips for traveling with little ones.

Isaac....too cool for school to have his photo taken

We arrived in Arkansas on Saturday. On Monday morning Tobe and I left the children with my parents and headed north for a few days in the woods.
Did I mention that we stayed in what was considered a "luxury cabin"?
Notice our "rustic" setting:

Yeah, we were roughing it in our three bedroom cabin complete with cable television, sauna, and stocked kitchen. It was hard to survive in such conditions, but we managed.

One thing we did was take a hike to see a so-called famous natural bridge and the astonishing pivot rock. We still are not sure if we saw either, despite the fact that we hiked the entire marked trail. We are sure that we will never see that $7 we paid to walk this specific trail again.
Here is a picture of me, attempting to push over the so called pivot rock.

The lovely mill where we feasted on biscuits and gravy on morning (okay...I feasted on biscuits and gravy. Tobe doesn't do gravy.)

We toured this cavern with one other couple and were able to get incredibly close to hibernating bats.

(Ugh....this picture just disappeared. I will replace it soon)

Our cabin was located on Lake Lucerne and was once part of a large resort that was popular in the 1930's. Unfortunately the resort went under by the 1970's but the current owners of this land are trying to bring it back. They are doing a great job by having some gorgeous cabins in a beautiful setting.

The fall colors were everywhere, which made me giddy. We do not get a lot of fall color here in Texas so I love being able to enjoy the beauty of Arkansas.

My husband DID travel with me...however, he edited the pictures from the trip and deleted the ones of him. Unless we trained a goose on how to use a digital camera, we had to rely on taking separate pictures most of the time.

After four days away, we returned home to my parents and the children. They were excited to see us, but had a blast playing with the grandparents. They had been perfect and there was minimal issue with either one of them.
On Friday we took my grandmother to the local high school where her picture hangs in the Hall of Fame for that school district. This is a great honor and I had the privilege of presenting my grandmother with this award back in January.
Click on "Legacy of Learning" on the right side of my blog to read about my grandmother's teaching career.
Isaac and Evelyn's favorite activity of the week was playing on "Nanny's Playground".

Isaac befriended a neighborhood girl and played with her almost every afternoon. She taught him many tricks, including this daredevil stunt of going down the slide head first.

It was a great week and we are adjusting to life back in the real world (thus the disjointed post). Special thanks to my parents for willingly babysitting while Tobe and I enjoyed some alone time! Special thanks to Tobe for a great vacation!
Special thanks to the person who stole the wireless connection so I could spend more time outdoors rather than behind my laptop!


DCVol said...

What an AWESOME cabin~ looks like a perfect trip! The kids knocking on the door is such a CUTE pic.

kate m. said...

That looks like a beautiful place to vacation! Maybe if our extended evacuation continues into the new year, Boone and I will need to go on a mini-vacation to a luxury cabin!

Can't wait to see pictures of the kids in their Halloween gear later on this week!

Jennifer said...

Glad you had fun. The place looks beautiful.

Jennifer Reinsch said...

The leaves are so beautiful. We don't have leaves that change color here (sniff, sniff).

Robin said...

What a gorgeous place for a vacation! And your cabin looks will have to share details as this looks like a great anniversary destination for Jeremy and me (we usually celebrate on the way to Searcy or Boerne for Christmas, depending on the year). Although this year we're already set for Hot Springs since my brother and his wife gave us a gift certificate to the Arlington. :)