Monday, October 06, 2008

Saving Supper Blog Carnival

Anyone's child pull out the entire contents of the Tupperware cabinet while you were cooking supper tonight, causing you to injure your foot on a spare plastic lid in the process of removing baked potatoes from the oven?

Hopefully that has not only happened to me.

Thankfully, I am hosting another carnival here at savethephillipsfamily titled "Saving Supper" in which we can all share tricks/gimmicks/strategies for entertaining children during the late afternoon/dinner preparation hours. I am hoping to glean enough ideas where Tupperware injuries will be a thing of the past.

Here are the details of the carnival:

1. The carnival is going to be on Thursday October 16th.

2. At 12:00am on Thursday October 16th a post will go up on my blog with a Mr. Linky where you can link from my blog back to your blog with tips/tricks/strategies on how you keep children happy and occupied during the late afternoon hours and while you are preparing supper.

3. If you do not have a blog or if your blog is private (thus preventing you from linking to my blog), you may leave such ideas in the comments section of my blog.

4. This carnival is having a giveaway! Five participants (chosen at random) will "win" a collection of some of my favorite recipes...including my newest recipes for Pumpkin Patch Cinnamon Rolls (which I am entering in a baking contest this weekend).

5. Trendy Mommy has designed a cute button for this carnival for you to place on your blog, if you desire. I will make the code available in the next few days (as soon as I get it!).

I am really excited about this "Saving Supper" carnival to see how all of you keep the peace in your own household during those late afternoon witching hours and how you manage to cook without losing your mind (or patience.)

As Thursday October 16th gets closer, I will continue to remind you of the carnival and share more details as needed.

Get those minds working and generate some great ideas for fellow readers. See you Thursday October 16th!

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Jennifer Reinsch said...

So what do you if you don't have kids, but are desperate to win the pumpkin cinnamon rolls recipe?