Friday, December 19, 2008

And Good Tidings To You...

This is what happens when one's mother has taken approximately 133 photos of the children within a thirty minute time span.

Not pretty, my friend.

The slightly amusing part was when a business man stopped while we were attempting to take this picture and offered to take one of the whole family. Uh...not likely to be a photo that would ever be seen framed over the fireplace here at casa de phillips.

The really amusing part was thirty seconds after the business man left a woman handed me a catalog and then said I had the most precious children she had ever seen.

They are precious, but lets be honest about how they were anything but precious at that precise moment.

I thought for a moment the lady was simply being nice, perhaps cheering me on in this race called motherhood.

It was then that I turned the catalog over, to discover it was a Discovery Toys catalog with her business card stapled to the front.

So, yes, my children are precious...especially if I buy your expensive toys whose prices are laced with commission fees.
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Ashley said...

Hilarious, precious, and oh so true

Jennifer Reinsch said...

Okay, that is a GREAT picture.

Lauren from Indiana said...

HI-larious, that picture is.