Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Wrap-Up

Christmas Day has come and gone (for now...we have one more Christmas to celebrate next week) at casa de phillips and it was a good one.

Due to some extra events occurring around the holidays this year (my baby brother's wedding), we had changed our normal holiday travel plans just a bit to accommodate traveling for the upcoming wedding. Then late last week we decided to alter the travel schedule just a bit more, opting to stay home on Christmas Day and travel to see Tobe's extended family on the 26th.

THEN Evelyn came down with an unfortunate case of the stomach bug around 11pm on Christmas Eve and all travel plans have been nixed. We were thankful to be at home when this bug hit sweet Evelyn, where we had total access to clean sheets, fresh blankets and stuffed animals, Pedilyte, cable TV (I watched a variety of religious Christmas programs while staying up with E. making sure her high fever broke), and an assortment of medicines. She was a pitiful sight that night.

Despite the bug, Christmas has been fun this year at casa de phillips. Isaac is at the age where he gets the concept of the holiday season, crawling into bed on Christmas Eve with his blue eyes firmly shut because "Santa can't come if our eyes are open." Evelyn plays off of his excitement (when not feeling completely icky). We feasted on fajitas and chips and queso as our Christmas Eve dinner. On Christmas Day no one changed out of their PJs...with the exception of E. who had a few PJ changes during the day....and we all sat around our TV watching Toy Story 2. Tobe and I enjoyed watching the classic "White Christmas" after the kids were in bed and getting to play Santa by eating the cookies the kids had left out. Toys were scattered all over the floor as the new goodies and gadgets were examined. It was greatness.

The only flub in the day was right before Isaac opened his stocking when he said, "I know Santa brought me my favorite M&M's and put them in my stocking."

Um, no, Santa forgot all about the M&M's since candy is not a normal staple here at casa de phillips. He HAD purchased some tasty animal crackers, but had forgotten to get those out of their hiding place under the kitchen sink.


Isaac forgot about the missing M&M's once he found his prized jump rope (Thanks, Jordan, for the tip about the dollar spot at Target!). He uttered lots of "Cool!"'s and "That is just what I wanted!" as he opened his gifts.

Here are a few pictures of our Christmas celebration:

The Duo playing their rendition of "Jingle Bells" on the piano...usually someone gets shoved off their side of the bench during piano time.
Baking cookies for Santa
Putting out the Milk and Cookies for Santa and just being the hams that they tend to be when provided a stage. The next morning Isaac informed us he had heard Santa "munching on cookies" the night before. Hope he didn't notice that trail of crumbs lead straight to the master bedroom....

(This is when E. started to not feel well)
Christmas Morning
(Isaac decided to wear his Santa hat 24/7 starting on December 23rd)

The Coordinating Little Einstein PJs....a bit hit

Evelyn's very own house slippers...courtesy of her big brother.

The Computer Isaac requested of Santa
(yes, Disney gets a lot of our money these days)

The popular Kaleidoscope Santa tucked away in stockings
Despite a fever of over 103, this little girl unwrapped presents like a little maniac and then would gasp dramatically at the contents of each gift. Her favorite seems to be the Snap 'N Style dolls from Fisher Price.

THE Jump Rope
There are no pictures of Tobe and I opening our gifts (the children were much too occupied to operate the camera), although we both enjoyed the thoughtfulness that each other took in shopping this year. I received an extended membership to Massage Envy, new PJs, some gift cards, an assortment of pens and organizing gadgets, a desperately needed new pizza cutter, and some other goodies. Tobe got some new clothes, some books, concert tickets, and other trinkets. All in all it was a great Christmas.
Hope you all had a great holiday!
Merry Christmas!


Kelly said...

Sounds like a great Christmas! So sorry about Evelyn, though. And I have massage envy hearing about your!

Alison said...

So glad you guys had a great Christmas! I sympathize with Evelyn, though, I got the flu for Christmas and my first visit to a Korean doctor's office! You'll have to have Tobe ask my mom about it, their efficiency would have impressed him, I think. One question, though, how do you manage to look so stylish so early in the morning?? Merry Christmas :)

Phillips Family said...

My "stlye secret" is putting on a touch of make-up before the kids wake up, wearing PJS purchased from the clearance rack at Target, and some lovely second day hair pulled back in a ponytail. This was about as good as it got the entire day!

Shanta said...

Merry Christmas Lynley! I loved hearing about your weekend. I hope E is on the mend and I jumps the heck out of that rope.

Stephanie said...

Those are the exact pj's I wanted for my kiddos but they didn't have them in the right sizes at Osh Kosh! So so cute. It is harder than one might think to find matching pj's for boys and girls when one is in baby sizes and the other in toddler sizes! So sorry about the extra round of montezuma.

Phillips Family said...

I have to say that I DID do a little victory dance when I discovered this coordinating PJs...however I did not take into account that one child would wear polka-dots and the other stripes. The fact that the PJs actually did NOT match cause great grief some nights for a certain little boy in our family.