Wednesday, December 03, 2008

It's a Small, Small (Blog) World

The Blog's a funny little thing.

Today after Evelyn and I finished having a nice little lunch with Tobe (his current job is quite a bit closer which allows us such luxuries. I told him today it was as almost as if we lived in a small town and not the 'burbs of a major city. Almost.) we did a bit of browsing in a little boutique and then picked up a cookie at a local bakery for Isaac as we were waiting on preschool to dismiss for the day. In the bakery I spied a woman that looked familiar and smiled at her. My brain was racing as I was attempting to place her face...MOPS? Nope. Local Play Area Participant? Nope. Church? No.

It was then that I realized I knew her from her blog.

Which I read anonymously.....because I don't actually know her.

Fortunately all this came to me before I actually spoke to her, thus having to gab on and on about how I read her blog occasionally and about how we likely know someone who knows someone who went to kindergarten with my third cousin, blah, blah, blah.

Oh the extent of my social awkwardness is just too much at times.

I narrowly escaped this terribly strained situation and managed to pull E. along before she began to harass this lady's babies.

Oh, Blog World, you are a tricky friend.

(By the way, my third cousin happens to be an actual ballerina. Seriously that is her job. I don't know anyone who actually attended school with her and likely haven't seen her my own self since kindergarten)


Kelly said...

Isn't the blog world funny? If Kelli hasn't told it to you yet, you'll have to ask her about the funny blog story about her sister-in-law and my sister. My sister ended up looking a little stalkerish at first, but now they're great friends. :)

Kelli said...

Just a few weeks back I ran into someone I haven't seen in a while and proceeded to act dumb while I asked all about the family and what they've been up to. Tricky friend, indeed.

DCVol said...

The blog world is so insane.... I totally know that is going to happen to me one day! Your Christmas decorating session made me laugh...oh, the memories that are made!