Friday, December 05, 2008

Visit with Ol Saint Nick

Fa La La La La

La La



Christmas time is my favorite time of year and I am about as giddy today as I was as an elementary kid during this festive season. Apparently we live in a self-proclaimed "Christmas Capital" and I have list after list of holiday activities that I plan for our family to take part in during the next twenty days. Fun times indeed.

Today I dressed the children up, combed down their bedheads, and set off for the mall for some quick holiday portraits and a visit with Santa.

Allow me to be honest and say that my expectations for these experiences were quite low.

I do not know whose children grace the walls of portrait studios around our fair nation, but I would like to extensively quiz their parents as to how they managed to get their kids sitting in a non-awkward pose with a normal, non-exaggerated smile plastered on their angelic little faces. My kids tend to cry when we get their picture taken, although I am not quite sure as to why considering they have a camera in their face on a pretty regular basis. I don't see them having a future of being a Portrait Studio model anytime soon.

Anyway, we had the holiday pictures shot and they are usable. Like I said: low expectations (and I had a great coupon...which made it terribly cheap). We then set off to visit Santa. Knowing that Santa can be a bit scary (and remembering last year's picture where both kids look terrified to be sitting on this man's lap) I decided to take the kids to the upper level of the mall and look down on Santa and his magical wonderland.

This little trick seemed to work because by the time we got in line, both kids were smiling, and no one appeared ready to bolt in the opposite direction of the man in red. What really helped was the friendly staff who helped the kids greet Santa and positioned them on his lap so I could simply stand back and watch.

Here are a few pictures of our visit with Santa:

Big Brother explaining the process to Little Sister

Waiting their turn
This photo was taken right before Isaac realized one of his arms was stuck in the wrought iron fence. Let me just say that I am a tad claustrophobic and I don't handle stuck limbs terribly well. Just last night Isaac's leg was stuck in the railing of his bed and I was on the verge of panic before Tobe released it. Fortunately I was able to free Isaac's arm before making a fool of myself and requesting someone go find a tub of butter.

Isaac immediately hugged Santa when he approached him.

Our two little Elves with the Big Man

(The photo I purchased...let's not even discuss the price..was much better because they are both genuinely smiling at the camera)
I had to have a little discussion with Santa as well

Our little visit with Santa was really a great experience. We don't play the Santa thing up terribly much (no tales of Santa watching them while they is just a bit creepy) but we do enjoy him here at casa de phillips. Later as we were eating lunch, I asked Isaac if he spoke to Santa. He told me that he did and had listed the things he wants (Play Doh ice cream shop, a computer, and a jump rope....random, but he has been consistent with this list for over a week now). I asked what Santa said in reply.

Isaac then lowered his voice, furrowed his brow, and said in a grumbly tone, "Well, Isaac, you will get it."

I about fell out of my chair over his impersonation. That boy is too cute some days.


Because it is Christmas and because I am a bit of a dork, my children have a few pairs of coordinating PJ's. Here are the two little monkeys playing around this morning after breakfast. Again allow me to be honest by saying that lots of our "hugs" often take a dangerous turn about three seconds in.


As I mentioned earlier this week, Evelyn and I were able to enjoy lunch with Tobe on Wednesday while Isaac was at school. I am a big ol sucker for the shots of Tobe and the children walking together.

It is no secret that this little girl has her daddy wrapped right around her little finger.

Oh..notice the mouth. It is open ALL THE TIME. Her latest phrases are: "Wha Dat, Mommy?", "Here-da-go, Mommy.", and "Go Job, Mommy (meaning "Good Job, Mommy"...yeah both my kids say this to me randomly. Guess it is one of my catch phrases.)."

Christmas is pure greatness.

On the agenda for tomorrow: Pancakes at the firehouse and watching Santa and his crew arrive via helicopter.


Jennifer said...

I'm such a sucker for matching pajamas!!

DCVol said...

What fun holiday cheer!!! Adorable kiddos and I'm so glad that Isaac's wishlist has Santa's stamp of approval....that is really funny that he nailed the Santa impersonation so well.