Thursday, December 18, 2008

Let the Festivities Begin!

As of yesterday at 3:oo pm, Christmas celebrations began here at casa de phillips. My parents arrived, bearing gifts and Starbucks (whose sign E. now recognizes...oops), ready to spread a bit of the Christmas cheer.

As of 4pm this afternoon we have already eaten at Cracker Barrel, taken the kids to do "Build-a-Bear" (their Christmas from my grandmother), hit up two malls, watched the children dance to the "Little Einsteins" theme song approximately 71 times, and made plans to consume large amounts of Mexican food and ice cream as soon as Tobe arrives home from work.

It has been a very busy 24 hours.

I have also had the joy of going ALONE to get my hair cut (a leisurely two hours....yes, it takes two hours to get this mop of hair cut, dried, and styled) and have gone shopping with just my mother for a dress to wear to my little brother's upcoming wedding.

My mother and I had a lovely time searching through the racks of Dillards and Macys in search of a dress that was A. Not Red (lovely shade, but it clashes with the wedding colors) B. Not matronly or C. Not going to be mistaken for a shirt. It was a long and hard search, involving several fits of laughter, moments of panic when I thought I was stuck in at least three of the various items tried on (I have a touch of the claustrophobia when trying on much so I have considered shopping with a pair of scissors tucked away in my purse just in case), and a few mother/daughter being when my mom mentioned that I might just need to purchase some Spanx to make a particular dress work. In the end, a dress was purchased. It is not great, but it will work...especially since the wedding is a mere two weeks away and we have a slightly major holiday to celebrate in the meantime.

With all of our Christmasing over here at casa de phillips, please forgive me if the blog gets a tad bit neglected over the next few days. I plan to check in now and then and I do have a lovely post coming up tomorrow about some great bargain shopping....but I also have some Mexican food to consume and some cute children to hang out with.

And apparently some Spanx to buy.


Erika said...

I didn't know A was getting married! Wow, he's still so young in my memory! And I can't believe you would ever need Spanx with all of your bootcamping!

Have a wonderful Christmas and Holiday Season!

Jami said...

Girl, no shame in Spanx they are great! Glad the grandparents are there, don't they make it all so easy and fun?!

Jennifer Reinsch said...

Congrats on getting some alone time. Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!

Jordan said...

Spanx are a wonderful invention. I have two pairs (one nude, one black) and yes, they do make you look just that much better! You'll never wear a dress without them again.

I guess, maybe, your blogging fans can go on without your daily posts. It'll be hard, but we'll just have to suffer through it! :)

Merry Christmas!

Don said...

Tobe asked me if they make spanx for men. I said they do and it is called "Manx"