Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Tour 2008

Merry Christmas 2008!

Welcome to casa de phillips, home to one I/O Psychologist, one behavior specialist turned stay-at-home mommy, one apple juice loving three year old boy, and one train-obsessed 19 month old little girl.

Thanks for stopping by as you make your way through Boo Mama's Christmas Tour of Homes.

Let's begin with my two favorite things under the tree:

(who might seriously have a clothing crisis when she can no longer wear her vast collection of holiday dresses next month)
I attempted to convince Tobe to pose under the tree to serve as my third favorite thing but he declined. I don't know why.
Moving on....I love Christmas trees. Therefore every bedroom (and a few other rooms) has its own tree.
Evelyn's tree is pink, green, and white snowflakes.
When I was pregnant with her, I began collecting snowmen for her. She gets a new one each year to add to her collection. I figure she will really love this idea one day or totally resent the fact that she has an odd assortment of various snowmen.

The theme for Isaac's tree is "Three Year Old Boy". By that I mean that he decorated it completely himself, choosing what ornaments to put on it and what color of lights it should sport. He loves it and I love that it is his masterpiece.
Last year his little Christmas tree only resided in his room about three days. He kept disassembling it during naptime and eventually lost the privilege of having a tree in his room. Now being a mature three years of age, he has done a great job of keeping his hands off the tree.
The tree in the master bedroom has an "Ice" theme and is done in blues, whites, and silver.
Years ago when we first put a tree in our bedroom, we thought it would be great fun to sleep with the tree lights on at night. Um...not so much. It was about as fun as attempting to sleep while someone shined a dim flashlight in your eyes for eight hours. We have never attempted sleeping with the tree on since that dreadful night.

The family tree
All of our decorations in the main part of the house are red and gold. I like a uniform color scheme....including such details as ornament hooks and wrapping paper. If it is not red or gold, it is not part of our main decoration.
This is the first year for our 7.5 foot pre-lit tree. At first I thought it was much too big for our living room but now I really do love it.
When snapping these pictures, I forgot to take some of our special ornaments. HOWEVER...I did remember to do that last year during BooMama's Tour of Homes. Click here to see some of our very special Christmas ornaments.
Our Christmas scene over the piano.
Notice that we have hung our stockings with care on the piano rather than in the more traditional setting of the fireplace. Our fireplace is often used as a stage for the children and I could only imagine the type of mark a Pottery Barn stocking holder could leave on one's face if pulled off the mantel. Thus the reason for using the piano this year.

My Santa Collection
I collect Santas, buying a new one each year. I date each one so I can remember what year he was purchased.

Scene above our Entertainment Center
This year's picture with Santa sitting next to this year's Santa (the one on the right)

Kitchen Christmas Decorations
My Two Little Elves enjoying a friend's Christmas party this past weekend.
I included this shot so everyone could see what happens when a head of a cabbage patch doll meets the eye of a little girl. She has quite the black eye these days.

I also thought I should share some of our Christmas photo shoot pictures since our cards have been sent out already.

Merry Christmas!
Thanks for stopping by!


Phillips Phamily Mama said...

I love the way you decorated the piano! Someday, we hope to have our girls take lessons.

Jennifer said...

I do the same thing with our stocking......I hand them off our china hutch so that they can't pull them over on themselves! Love the trees!

DCVol said...

Love the beautiful, warm & cozy Christmas decorations in your home....I bet the kids LOVE having trees in their rooms. You are smart for writing the year on each Santa because I always think I will remember when I buy something, but end up forgetting. This was such a fun post!

margk said...

I love all of your Santas. I collect Santa ornaments. All of your decorations are lovely. Individual trees are a great idea.

Great tip on the sugar cookies (powdered sugar and parchment). I will give it a try.

supermommy said...

What a beautiful family you have! Your kids are just too cute. I have Christmas trees in the girls' rooms too.

Margaret said...

A fellow Sants collector! I love them and all of your decor..very nice!

Anonymous said...

What a precious family! I love your decorations! I especially love the decorated piano. I love that you hang your stockings there! I love the nontraditional! Merry Christmas and Thanks for stopping by my blog home! said...

Beautiful family and decorating! Merry Christmas!

Heather said...

Great family pics! Your little boy did a good job with his tree!

Keetha said...

Everything looks great!

And your children - - - oh my, what DOLLS. They are NEARLY as cute as my grans. Hehehehehehehe

Thanks for inviting me in.

Merry Christmas

Paige said...

What a lovely home you have. Thanks for inviting us in!