Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Spreading Some Holiday Cheer

One of my all-time favorite Christmas carols is the whole "Yes, we need a little Christmas...right this very minute" song.
I am sure it has some sort of actual title, but I am much too lazy to actually google such a thing this afternoon.

Anyway, today E. and I had to make a trip to our local post office and I felt the need to burst out with this little diddy about five minutes into our long wait in line.

Our post office is a cozy little joint, filled with friendly employees, and harsh lighting. The normal neighborhood postal place. Because it is Christmas, this tiny little building was filled to the brim with all sorts of people mailing, shipping, and seeking out the elusive holiday-themed stamp. Fortunately it was a school day, so I only had one child in tow.

Unfortunately, it seems that the unspoken social norm in our little post office is that everyone must stand in line QUIETLY.

Most days, E. doesn't do quiet.

Being prepared to wait in Holiday lines, I had come equipped with various toys and tricks in my purse to entertain Evelyn while we waited.

She came equipped with her voice.

Every time a noisy mail cart would squeak behind closed doors, she would loudly gasp, dramatically cover her mouth, and yell, "Wha' dat, Mommy?!"

There was the singing of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" whose only words she knows are "Twinkle, Twinkle Star...How I won-der...are!" and which she feels compelled to sing in extended rounds.

There was the new question of "Who dat, Mommy?" while pointing at random strangers. No one was terribly amused as I quietly attempted to say, "Well that is a nice lady mailing a box." or "That is a friendly man with a cap (who is glaring at me quite unfriendly like)."
However, the winner of our 30+ minutes spent waiting in line at the post office today was the sudden...and persistent...exclamations by my 18 month old who is on the verge of being ready to potty train who kept yelling, "Mommy! PeePee! Mommy! Shoo-shoo (her own word for diaper)...PeePee!!!!!!" and making gestures to let everyone know exactly what had just taken place in her size four Pampers. Seriously, no one was amused.

I have to return to the post office again tomorrow to mail off forms for my passport to be renewed. I am contemplating lugging along our 1980's style boombox and piping in some Christmas music to cheer everyone up in line.

Any Christmas carol....even the one of the dogs barking "Jingle Bells" (E.'s favorite, by the way)...would likely be better than listening to my child give a bathroom report for half an hour.


Robin said...

Sweet Evelyn...just trying to keep everyone entertained! I'm preparing for my own trip to the post office tomorrow...I actually think I dislike the lines much more than my children do, but it's a toss-up depending on the day.


DCVol said...

That girl is so funny~ I love her verbalness! People definitely do "need a little Christmas", that is for sure!