Sunday, August 05, 2007

A Day on the Farm

Saturday was filled with lots of down on the farm fun as we celebrated Isaac's second birthday with a tractor party. Hoping to make this experience fun and void of stress, we chose to hold the party at our local community center (thus avoiding the space issues we have at casa de phillips) and to invite only family and two friends of Isaac's. Tobe and I are quite happy with how the party went and Isaac had a great time.

Family Portrait in our John Deere shirts

Favorite Activity at the Party---Chasing each other around a table

(Notice Morgan's adorable John Deere dress)

Isaac sat happily and ate his cake while the other kids played. We had to bribe him with the chance to finish his cake at a later time so he would stop eating and open presents
The party happened to coincide with Evelyn's morning nap time....poor second child was drug out and forced to sleep in various people's arms. She doesn't look terribly thrilled in any of the pictures.
After Christmas this year when we realized that Tobe was in NONE of the pictures, I made sure to get a few shots of him at the party. I love this picture of him and Isaac.Finally....the Tractor cake.

This took quite the time to create, but Isaac loved it which made the hard work worthwhile. The stones on the sides are actually chocolate candy made to look like pebbles. It broke my heart a little bit to cut into this cake, but it would have been a bit silly to have a cake which no one is allowed to eat (don't think I didn't contemplate that for a second though)

Isaac's "Happy Day" has officially come to an we must find the space to store all the new toys.


Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday! I love the cake and all the shirts.

Kelli said...

Beautiful cake! I too have made cakes for my kids that I have contemplated coating in shellac and hanging in their rooms like mobiles.

JenniferReinsch said...

That cake is WONDERFUL!!! Mother told me that she saw pictures when they got there on Saturday, and that it was darling, but I never imagined it was as cute as it was. Will you make my cake for my birthday party. I'm thinking of going with either a Hannah Montana or an Elmo theme.

JenniferReinsch said...

...also, Santa's helper and Santa's helper's helper should locate John Deere shirts for everyone. We could get a cute picture at Christmas.

Amy C said...

What a great cake. Cute party idea!

kelly said...

Oh my gosh- that cake is could totally start a business! It looks like he had a very happy 2nd birthday and I love the family John Deere shirts- that is classic.

margk said...

That is a great cake! Sounds like a fun party.

The Honey Family said...

Lynley!!! I seriously would have NEVER pictured you in a John Deere shirt!!!! I feel like I don't even know you anymore! I could never have imagined in my WILDEST dreams! And - WOW on that Cake! That was AWESOME!!! I bet that took FOREVER! It turned out amazing! WOW - hats off to SuperMom!!!