Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Stitch in Time

We are on vacation here at casa de casa de phillips. It only makes sense to those people who have two small children as to why we are vacationing at our own home.

Since Tobe is home from work for the next five days, I ran out on my own to tackle a few errands this of which was having my eyebrows waxed (Ah, the things we do for glamour). As I settled myself into the plush chair at the salon, ready for hot wax to be pulled and then ripped off of my eyes, the technician suggested a new method of shaping the eyebrow area.

First, I must explain that this nice lady had a very thick much so that I had difficulty understanding what she was saying. She begins to explain this new eyebrow shaping technique, which she is calling "threading." Although I did not completely comprehend everything she was saying about this technique, I did catch the part about it being cheaper and that it did not hurt. This was all I needed to hear to decide that threading was the choice for me and my eyebrows.

Threading....well, it involves a very sharp piece of thread (razor sharp) that is drug over the unwanted hairs of one's eyebrow at a sharp rate of speed. I have a high pain tolerance. Eyebrow waxing does not make me flinch. However, eyebrow threading was indeed painful and the technician kept telling me to not be scared--which is difficult when a person is wielding a thin razor over your face. After 45 minutes of this intense procedure, my eyebrows were nicely groomed. Before the technician began this legal form of torture, she told me once I "threaded" my eyebrows, I would never return to waxing again. All I know is that if my only eyebrow shaping option is threading, I am simply going to shave the things off.

Before I could leave this house of pain, the technician told me that I really needed a facial (which she just happened to do). She kept saying that I had many blemishes and then said that I needed the resurfacing facial (AKA microdermabrasion). I am an avid user of Pro-Active Solution and Bare Essentials, both which keep my skin quite clear. I was unsure of exactly what blemishes the lady was referring to, until she suggested I buy a particular lotion to help with my skin issues. The particular lotion was a lightening cream and I finally figured out that the blemishes she was referring to were my freckles.

That was my first...and last...visit to this salon.


JenniferReinsch said...

I, too, have experienced the threading...all I have to say is, "Never again!"

The Binkley Family said...

I am glad we do not have such progressive options in our little small town! Waxing works for me.

margk said...

No thank you! I will stick to waxing, too.

Amy C said...

I have heard the opposite about threading. Maybe other salons are better. I have heard that it is faster and much less painful than waxing.