Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Toddler Speak

Here is a conversation I had in the car this morning with Isaac:

I: "Dinosaur?"

L: "A dinosaur, really..hmmm" (Confession: I wasn't really paying attention due to the fact I was glaring at someone who took too long to turn, thus making me miss a green light)

I: "I saw a dinosaur"

L: "Cool." (still glaring at the person in front of me)

I: "I saw a dinosaur riding in a car."

I turn to look in the car next to us where a white fluffy dog was hanging out...AKA a dinosaur. We contemplated taking Isaac to see this but then decided he was too young and it was a bit too realistic...especially since he is mistaking the friendly neighborhood dogs for dinosaurs.

Casa de phillips is a cozy home....not too big and nearly not enough closet space, but it fits our family of four nicely (and it was a great buy for our location). However we don't have what is called a split-bedroom house which means all of our bedrooms--including the Master--are in a nice little row down the hall. I can see Isaac's crib while lying in my bed if the doors are open. This means that I try to be quiet as a mouse in the early morning for fear of waking him (and starting my day as "Mommy" too early).
This morning at 6:15am I heard a loud, toddler voice call from his bedroom:
"Mommy, wake up. Change I-ick's di-ter. Change Baby E-vins di-ter."
Cute and all, but I managed to hide in my room cherishing my first cup of coffee attempting to organize my To-do list by the dim light of the bathroom for twenty more minutes of alone time....until the toddler chatter turned to toddler yelling which woke up the 3 month old in the next bedroom. Welcome, Tuesday morning.


Jennifer said...

Lovely. Have you thought about investing in one of those fabulous white noise machines from Brookstone? They have saved our lives since our boys' rooms are right next to each other.

Kelli said...

And I thought hiding in the bathroom ended after 8th grade! :) It's always a little rougher of a morning when Mommy doesn't get all her non-mommy time around our house, that is for sure!

The Binkley Family said...

The dinosaur story reminded me of what a colleague of Gary's told us about. In South TX a girl kept telling her mom there was a dinosaur in the backyard. The mom nonchalantly played along. Finally she went outside and there was an alligator in their backyard! Can you imagine?

margk said...

Do you have black out shades? The white noise machine is a good idea, too. I would lose my mind if my kids woke up at 6:15. I hate to brag but, Nicholas went to bed at 9 and woke up at 10:30 today. I am lucky to have late sleepers.