Monday, August 13, 2007

Duck Tales

I have a confession to make. If you are an extreme animal lover, it will likely be best that you click over to the next blog you read and skip mine for today.

Yesterday, I kicked the duck. I feel slightly horrible for doing so, but the duck has declared war on my family and I had take action.

When we last left the duck saga, I had contacted animal control to report this angry bird and his cohort. I had to leave a message...which I did in great detail and left my name and phone number. I heard nothing back.

Yesterday morning we ventured out on our daily walk. We had to take what I now call "The Duck Route" because of the extreme heat and this particular route provides the most shade and breeze. As we walked along on the opposite side of the street from the duck's house, both duck and his cohort ran across the street--dodging traffic--and started to come after me. I know many of you might have this image of a duck waddling up to us simply trying to make a gesture of friendship. This image is quite wrong my friend. The duck RUNS and is flapping it's wings in an angry gesture.

The ducks approach me, running and flapping their wings, and are about a foot from the stroller. I calmly attempt to scare them off in a way that does not panic Isaac nor make him fear birds for the rest of his life. The ducks are not intimidated by this tactic and are at my feet. So I kicked one. Not a hard kick...more of a nudge with my New Balances. I also made sure that Isaac couldn't see what I was doing because the last thing I want our toddler to learn is cruelty to animals. My nudge sent the duck rolling backwards, feet over his head, and knocked him into the other duck. Think that stopped him? Nope. He got up and started running after us again. Fortunately we were able to break ahead in the time it took for him to get up and "escape."

I called animal control again as soon as we got home. This time someone answered, who knew exactly what house and what duck I was speaking of. Apparently animal control has visited the duck's owners already on a few occasions. The man promised to take action against the duck. Tobe is stopping by animal control after work to have a one-on-one talk with animal control to make sure the duck's reign of terror comes to an end soon.

I'll let you know what happens. Until then, if you happen to live near casa de phillips and see us out walking...don't be shocked to see me armed with a tennis racket and perhaps a nerf gun.


Amy said...

we have an entire flock of ducks near our house since we live near a lake. Most are docile except the one that is probably the flock leader. He/she? is always running at people with his wings spread. I hope animal control swoops in with the wagon and carts your duck problem off soon!

kelly said...

I am cracking up- the duck owner needs to take some responsibility for his rebellious birds.......I don't know how you stayed calm because I think I would have been hysterical when they started coming towards me. I really hope that animal control does something! And congrats on making it to month 3 with 2 kiddos- that is a HUGE accomplishment and you have made it with such gracefulness!

kate m. said...

As an animal lover, I would have kicked the duck also. That duck is seriously crazy! I hope animal control acts on your compaints. It is not unreasonable to expect that you should be allowed to go for a walk across the street from the ducks without them attacking you!

margk said...

Maybe try a water gun? I don't know how you are walking outside. It is dreadful. I went to the mall to walk today. Maybe we can go sometime (especially after school starts and all of those people are gone).