Friday, August 24, 2007

Going On a Mission

If you happened to be shopping at the lovely Target near casa de phillips this morning, you likely heard a toddler's voice yell out, "Rocket!" repeatedly. That toddler belonged to me.

On a mission to purchase diapers and return a birthday gift that had arrived damaged, the three of us set out for our local Target where we found very few open parking spaces. School starts here on Monday and all of the procrastinators were out in full searching for the much-needed crayolas and mechanical pencils. On our drive to Target I had explained that we were returning the broken birthday present and Isaac could pick out something new as a replacement.....all the while making sure to emphasize the point that we do not just buy toys every time we grace the doors of a store (except for when Mommy and Daddy shop at Target together and can't help themselves).

Target is now a proud distributor of Little Einstein toys, which just happens to be Isaac's very favorite cartoon. It was quite amusing to watch him peruse the selection of toys trying to find the very best one (which actually would have been the large Rocket and four Einstein action figures that cost $40...YIKES!). He opted for the toy that allows you to create your own music. I believe this one was chosen mainly for the fact that we rarely, if ever, buy him electronic toys because: A. They annoy the stuffing out of us and B. Prefer for him to play with things that stimulate his mind and creativity and do not simply require the pushing of a button over..and over..and over again.

We spent the rest of the shopping trip with Isaac repeatedly pushing the buttons on his new toy with joy and yelling "Rocket!" (You have to watch the show to really get why he is yelling "Rocket"). Somehow Evelyn managed to sleep during all of this.

Our shopping list did take us near the school supply section where Moms were frantically searching for the required glue and kids were attempting to choose the perfect backpack from the measly selection that remained. Not being one to procrastinate (in most areas), I find it amusing to see such chaos. These same parents who have waited until three days before school begins to get supplies when the lists have been in the stores for over a month will likely wonder why their child never seems to turn in their homework or hand over a paper that needs to be signed on time.

(Here is a little tip from my former teaching days: Target will clearance out all remaining supplies in a few weeks. Hold onto the list of items needed and buy more once such things go on clearance. Your child will most likely need most of these supplies restocked in January...if not October!)

Here are some random pictures:


kate m. said...

I don't know if you have seen it or not, but our Target also sells Little Einsteins apparel. We bought a pair of pajamas and a couple t-shirts there. Jackson loves rocket also, and we do the whole "pat, pat, pat" thing when we watch Little Einsteins. I will have to check out the toy selection next time I go. I have never seen their Little Einstein toys before!

Anonymous said...

I believe purple is Evelyn's best color! She looks beautiful in that outfit. Isaac is his usual adorable self, of course.

Anonymous (Nana)

Sarah said...

I love Little Einsteins...and Handy Manny...and Charlie and Lola...and I don't even have kids.

Your kiddos are precious.

Phillips Family said...

Typically, I detest licensed kids clothes, but they make Isaac SO happy. He is the happiest when he wears his Elmo shirt. I searched for the Little Einstein clothing line today because I knew he would be thrilled. The only apparel I could find was one lousy Annie polo shirt that was obviously for a girl. We need new Einstein PJs, ours are almost threadbare. Also, I really want him to get the Einstein hoodie. I don't know who is more of an addict...him or me.

kate m. said...

Licensed kids clothes make Jackson really happy as well! In fact, the shirt that Jackson is wearing on my blog in his first birthday celebration is one of the Little Einsteins shirts we bought at Target. I bought it too big, but he insisted upon wearing it! I think the pajamas are pictured somewhere on my blog as well in a picture of him crawling through a tunnel. I also got him a striped polo shirt with the Little Einsteins logo and a shirt with Leo (but I can't remember what it says). I have never seen a hoodie, but that would be cute, especially since jackets aren't always such a necessity in Texas. Oh, and the lunchbox he picked out from Target for his Mother's Day Out program is Little Einsteins. We, too, are addicts! Thankfully, grandparents are more than willing to indulge those addictions!

Speaking of licensed kids' clothing, Jackson also insisted upon wearing a Lightning McQueen shirt I got him for $5 at Kohls to bed last night. The only way I could get him to agree to take it off was to put him in another Cars shirt my mom bought him at Disney World. He also enjoys his Elmo shirt! Funny kiddos!

Anonymous said...

I find that parents shop late not because of procrastination, but because they are working and deadlines for certain things come up seemingly suddenly. It's called prioritizing. Things are also on sale closer to the start date of school. When you have two older kids and if you go back to work you will find this happens to you too I suspect. Your comments are very sanctimonious.