Friday, August 03, 2007

Happy Day!

This morning at 6am we heard a little voice singing, "Happy Day...Happy Day." Yes, today is Isaac's birthday. We have been practicing for a few days what it means to have a birthday and the festivities that go along with such an occasion. Apparently these lessons were well heard because Isaac told everyone he came into contact with today that it was his "happy day."

This morning Tobe and I entered Isaac's room with a donut hole with a candle. That boy loves donut holes, as you can see in the following pictures:

Evelyn is quite excited about Isaac's birthday as well because special occasions call for hair bows!

Mommy and Isaac at his birthday lunch

Isaac and his PopPop watching the "Rhino Movie"

I write a letter to each of the children on their is Isaac's two year letter.

Who Said Two was so Terrible?

Here it is….the so-called terrible twos. Although it hasn’t been quite so terrible yet. I thought you changed a lot between those initial seconds of life and 1 year, yet as I reflect back on these past twelve months I think you have changed the most in your second year of life.

This was the year you learned to walk, learned to talk, developed a love for “fresh” apple juice, welcomed a baby sister, and really grew into your personality. Those big blues eyes and that smile as wide as the Grand Canyon manage to melt my heart every single morning when I enter your room to scoop you from your crib. These days you like for me to place your green basket of books into bed and let you peruse the selection for a while before getting up for the day. Your favorite things to watch on television are Little Einstein’s, Curious George, and Wonder Pets. Any book is enjoyed by you, however you especially like Moon Plane, How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food?, Bounce, and Berenstein Bears Go on Vacation….you can recite these books almost word for word. Toys that receive the most attention from you include your massive amount of Little People, your tool box, and Lego’s. A day does not go by where you don’t stand at the coffee table and work your numerous puzzles (which you call “puz”). Currently you are able to do 48 piece jigsaw puzzles with no assistance. Favorite foods include turkey hot dogs, honey crackers (Graham crackers), the beloved corn, and donut holes (a rare treat). Every night you crawl into bed with Raffes, Lil InkInk, Big InkInk, Ike the Dog, and Green blankie. You flash us one final sleepy grin for the day before saying “luv lu” and rolling over to go to sleep.

As we have come to know these preferences, we have come to know our sweet Isaac better. Gone is our little baby Isaac Michael. He has been replaced by a running, giggling little boy with long legs and bleach blond hair. We are amazed by your intelligence, impressed with your memory, inspired by your curiosity, and proud of your tender heart. Daddy and I often lay in bed at night giggling over the cute things you have said or the sweet antics you have performed that day.

So we say good-bye to another year –with a certain amount of disbelief that 24 months have passed so quickly and with a strong desire to see what the next year holds for you. Keep that head high, Tiny Tiger, and those eyes filled with wonder because I know there is a world just waiting for you to discover all it holds.



JenniferReinsch said...

when did isaac get a haircut? he looks great.

Ashley said...

So sweet. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! He is so handsome. I love sweet baby girl hair bows. WHAT FUN! Looks like you are ready for number 3!

margk said...

Happy Birthday, Isaac! What a sweet mommy you have!