Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Have you ever looked at a picture or watched a video and suddenly realized that you were starring at yourself? Well, tonight I opened an email from a local indoor play area whose mailing list I am on and saw this picture:

Um...yeah that is me in the far left corner doing crunches with Isaac on my lap. We attended a free Mommies Boot Camp class Tuesday morning at this indoor play area and apparently are now a part of their advertising team. I am just thankful no promotional pictures were taken during the jump rope/jumping jacks cardio session.


This afternoon Isaac, Evelyn, and I were coloring in the kitchen on a large poster board (want to save your sanity while cooking? Purchase several sheets of poster board and pull them out on those evenings when the little ones feel the need to be directly under your feet while you cook. Isaac will sit and color on one of these forever and then later they can mysteriously make their way to the trash can and he never knows.). Isaac and I were both drinking chocolate milk and I advised him in a very motherly tone to be careful with his milk so he didn't spill it on his artwork. Guess what I did about a minute and a half later....spilt my milk on his artwork.


On a serious note, check out the following blogs and offer up some prayers for these friends. This close friend from college recently lost her father and wrote a beautiful post about her precious daddy. These fellow ACU alumni have become better friends of mine via the blog world. Please lift up the health of their newborn son as he fights a huge fight for a little guy. It is events such as these that provide much needed clarity among my often stilted perspective of everyday life.

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margk said...

I will be praying for your friend's sweet baby.

On another note, don't you think Kidz Muze should have asked you first? I know it's only the back of your head, but still...