Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Old Lady Phillips

So I might not be old, nor have a front porch to sit on and yell at the neighbors on a daily basis....however I have succumbed to taking action against the duck. After the duck---and it's new cohort---braved traffic yet again to cross a busy street simply to chase me, I called animal control on it's little duck bootie. Some people have told me the duck might have a nest it is guarding or perhaps it is protecting the residents of the house....whatever. I live in the city, not the country, my friends. This duck is going to have to learn to abide by city rules, one being that it cannot chase poor innocent mothers and their children.

I called animal control and left a very detailed message of my duck drama and am hoping for a return call soon. By the way, I managed to take a picture of the duck and his partner chasing us this morning but have yet to download it from my camera. Hopefully it won't be too blurred as I was running and pushing the world's largest double stroller as I attempted to photo these two wild birds in attack mode. Check back later for the picture!


Shanta said...

I can't wait for that picture.

Don't feel bad about calling in the big guns. The Murrays have become that family too, except we like to report our neighbors on the "Carrollton Beautification Enforcement" website. We're so annoying. Ken figures if he has to mow our yard once a week, it's not too much to ask for the other folks on the block to do it once a month. Come on people. Get your ducks in a row.

Ashley said...

You "quack" me up. Thanks for the laugh. I can't wait to see the pictures