Monday, August 13, 2007


In the early morning hours of Evelyn’s first week of life, I set a goal for myself. I decided that if I could hang on and survive the ride of mothering two babies until Evelyn turned three months old, then I would be okay. I figured by three months of age sleeping and eating patterns would be established, schedules would be almost kink-free, and the fog of parenting a newborn might have lifted. This goal was my little secret…my glimmer of hope as I attempted to make our family of four function.

Saturday marked that three month goal and I am happy to report that I am still in this game called mommyhood. In fact, Evelyn’s first three months have been much smoother than Isaac’s were. She has been smiling since day one (seriously, she came out looking quite pleasant), rarely cries, eats well, laughs when you put her legs on her tummy, and simply enjoys just hanging out. Her hands are constantly grabbing at whatever they can find so she can immediately place such object in her mouth. Her legs with their rolls of chub are always kicking in excitement. Her eyes—still blue—are always twinkling with happiness, especially when I place a big, beautiful bow on top of her head. These three months have passed quickly…and not in the way time does when one has a newborn and days and nights meld together in a sleep-deprived haze…and have been filled with love, laughter, exhaustion, frustration, contemplation, and joy.

This mommy of two thing isn’t as bad as I once thought it might be. This morning as I listened to both my children giggle uncontrollably as I made a funny noise, I knew that life at casa de Phillips is pretty darn great.


Shanta said...

Sounds wonderful!

Jennifer said...

Yea, I'm so glad things are going well for you guys.

I just got back into town so once I put my boys to bed tonight, I"ll email that address to you!