Wednesday, November 07, 2007

And so it begins...

This evening while we were driving around in our car, I happened to be humming a little tune.

A tiny voice came from the back seat and said, "Um, Mommy, don't sing that song."

Good to know I already annoy him at the age of two.

Next week he will be asking me to drop him off at the corner by his preschool, rather than going through the car line, to decrease the likelihood of me causing him public embarrassment.


At least she still thinks I am super cool, even if she does only want to hang out at 2am.


Kelly said...

That top picture is a great one. So fallish.

Jennifer said...

Too funny! I feel the same way at times.

Paige said...

They are growing up so fast!

Kelli said...

Ethan told me to stop singing one of his preschool songs in the car the other day because I wasn't his teacher. He also told Scott to drop him off on the corner so he could walk to school alone today! Good to know there are other boys who are mortified by their parents at the preschool age!