Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Open Letter of Apology to Fellow Hikers

Dear Fellow Nature Trail Lovers,

I wanted to pause for a moment and apologize for any grief you might have experienced this morning on our local nature trail. I assume you visited such an area to enjoy today's crisp fall temperatures, admire some autumn foliage, and provide your body with much needed exercise.

Likely all those plans came to a screeching halt when your trek through nature was interrupted by the loud crying coming from a red double stroller (yes, it is an awesome stroller...and no, I am not the "lady who walks all over town"). I, too, wanted to enjoy today's cool weather and felt it was a good idea to take my two young children out to explore nature. We set out on a search for colored leaves and I was on my eternal quest to loose my baby belly.

However, I did not realize that removing two young children from a stroller, so they could frolic in nature, and then asking them to return to said stroller would cause quite the commotion. Apparently nature is cool and returning to Mommy's car is the worse fate imaginable.

I will refrain from offering weak excuses for the incessant wailing that was emerging from my children and will not get into the long diatribe about how Daylights Savings Time is causing havoc on my home. Nor will I discuss how my two year old son has decided that the phrase "You must hold a hand in a parking lot" means that he can simply hold his own hand and not Mommy's. The fun never ends.

My intentions were noble this morning as we set out on our hike and I hope you were able to resume your meditation in nature once our little car hurriedly exited the parking lot.


A Fellow Hiker


kate m. said...

Oh, sorry! I could have written a similar apology letter to the patrons of a local restaurant last night and to the fellow shoppers at Wal-Mart tonight. There must be something in the water! And, I saw your picture from Halloween. You look beautiful, and from what I can see, you don't have much flab!

kate m. said...

I guess I should have said any flab. You look pretty skinny to me!

Amy said...

It's funny how quickly they can find the exception in a request and run with it. Regarding the hand holding rule, Little C would have done exactly the same thing!

margk said...

Oh, Lynley! The lady that walks all over town took me by surprise at Tuesday Morning Monday afternoon. I was a little taken aback by at the moment that Patrick was picking out a miniature "Starry Night" painting for his teacher's birthday and knew the artist's name. When low and behold if wide brimmed hat woman didn't pop by and say "Ah, he likes that?" I wanted to question her right there on the spot, but it was as if I was seeing a celebrity and couldn't speak. I know...boring life I lead.

Phillips Family said...

Margk--You should have asked for her autograph!

By the way, I LOVE our new Tuesday morning!