Monday, November 12, 2007

Six Months!

Evelyn hit the big "6 month" mark yesterday. Six Months! Seriously, the girl is growing much too fast for my taste.

To celebrate, we chose to feed her a bowl of warm, nutritious rice cereal. A cake would have been much too conventional. However, I think she would have preferred anything over the rice cereal.

She clamps her mouth shut and shakes her head to avoid this stuff, which likely tastes like the wallpaper paste it resembles (You could ask Isaac because in true sibling fashion he firmly decided that he needed baby cereal as well the first night we fed Evelyn. I mixed him up a big bowl. He has not asked for it since and has opted to stick with his mini wheats.). I pull out all the stops in attempting to get a laugh out of E. so I can shovel some more yummy goodness in her mouth. She, in turn, has perfected the art of smiling with her mouth closed.

Smart girl.


Here are a few things that Isaac managed to pull out in a thirty minute time period last night while Tobe was doing laundry and I was doing a song and dance routine while feeding Evelyn:

*81 Diapers (sorted by Sesame Street characters....guess I should not have taught him how to graph and sort last week)

*All of Evelyn's pajamas, which he laid in the bathroom in preparation for bedtime.

*100+ Mr. Potato Head pieces in search of the glasses, which he considers to be his personal pair

*Assortment of plastic food, cooking utensils, and pots

*A minimum of 25 books

*Entire container of Baby Einstein flashcards

He then proceed to drive his wagon (which is actually a dump truck, but he refers to it as a wagon) over everything.

Typically we make him clean up one big mess before moving on to the next one, but since both parents were occupied he went a bit crazy in his play. When I called Tobe to come inspect the disaster, he could not keep from laughing while attempting to firmly instruct Isaac to clean up. ***

Saturday you might have spied a woman skipping merrily through two (yes, two!) local malls. That would have been me. The grandparents requested the children and husband had to work, so that just left me to attend a baby shower and then shop, shop, shop! There were no sippy cups to retrieve from under sale racks and no little hands attempting to grab anything within a five foot radius. There was no stroller to push or diapers to change. Just freedom, my friend.

Also, the husband and I went out for supper at 9:00 at night! I almost forget sometimes that people actually do such things.

One lesson learned from my wonderful day of shopping was that if one wants to get the coordinating Christmas outfits from The Children's Place, apparently one must purchase such apparel before November 10th. The store was sold out as well as the online shop. Seriously, am I going to have to start purchasing Christmas clothes in August along with my Halloween costumes?

Happy Monday!


Jennifer said...

no joke. I swear people don't even observe Thanksgiving anymore. I was at Michaels the other day and they had Christmas music blaring over the speaker. Good grief, it's 80 degrees outside and I'm thinking turkey dinner!

Amy said...

Love the shoes for mittens!

JenniferReinsch said...

that poor girl and her rice cereal. that is truly a pitiful face.

Erika said...

Happy 1/2 Birthday Miss E!

Silas has the same dumptruck. His latest stunt is to attempt riding it standing up.

margk said...

What a fun time Isaac had! I understand Evelyn's feelings on the cereal. Good luck!

kate m. said...

Cute pictures! Christmas clothes are definitely one of the things I cave on and buy very early. I tasted rice cereal when Jackson was a baby, and it is quite disgusting. I can't think of anything that tastes worse.