Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Baby Boot Camp...The True Story

A few days ago I made mention of Isaac enrolling in Baby Boot Camp at casa de phillips this week. Before you gasp in horror or begin scratching your head in confusion, let me explain. Isaac is two. Last week while on Thanksgiving holiday, Isaac was two in full force. Out of the 21+ meals we consumed in Arkansas, I believe perhaps four were eaten without a major battle between Mommy and son. If I said one thing, Isaac immediately did the opposite. I was quite thankful for my little family this year, however, Isaac's sweet little name might have slipped a few notches on my list as the week progressed.

I knew it was time to get serious about his behavior when the notion of spanking him entered the picture. Although I believe in spanking as a form of discipline when needed (yet not out of frustration or simply because one has no other discipline option), we have yet to go there with Isaac and I honestly do not know if we will even go there. However, Tobe and I firmly believe in the importance and necessity of child obedience and limits. Hello, Baby Boot Camp.

Isaac isn't running around sporting a pair of orange coveralls and won't be appearing on a Dr. Phil special....ever. He is simply relearning (and relearning and relearning) that Mommy and Daddy expect first-time obedience, good manners, and respect towards everyone and everything. End of story. Our "time-out carpet" got a lot of use by noon on Monday, but has been relatively lonely since. Isaac is eating, Evelyn is glad she no longer has to hear her brother whine 24/7, and Mommy is happy. End of story.

Just so everyone knows that despite his stint (and future stints....he is two, people) in Baby Boot Camp, Isaac is still as charming as ever. That charm is currently being demonstrated in the wide collection of songs he knows and his precious singing voice. That little voice moved him right back up to my #1 spot on my Thankful List, where he shares a space with Tobe and Evelyn.

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Sydni said...

I passed along the 'I believe in Christmas' message... :)

Tobe is just hilarious. Actually you are too - I mean, your blog makes me laugh a LOT.

I'm an extremely faithful reader. Sorry I don't post comments very often.