Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bring on the Turkey!

Saturday morning as we drove to the airport, I spied the Oscar Myer Hot Dog Mobile parked outside a local hotel. It was then that I knew our day of travels would be carefree, perhaps even enjoyable. How could a day not go well when it begins with a viewing of the Oscar Myer Hot DogMobile?

The travels did indeed go well. Southwest Airline personnel were friendly, accommodating, and only managed to slightly break my stroller (not the most awesome stroller, another single stroller). Evelyn slept for almost the entire flight and Isaac played with a single sheet of stickers. I won't mention how I had lugged a toddler-sized backpack filled with numerous activities and a portable DVD player to keep him entertained in-flight when apparently all I needed to carry was a sheet of stickers, but oh well. Kudos to Southwest Airlines for being a family-friendly airline and recognizing when a Mommy needs some help.

We have enjoyed our time in Arkansas thus far. Here are a few ways that I know I am back home:

*While shopping at the Wal-Mart, I spied a lady pushing a cart with a blanket laid in the front basket. In the blanket, a small baby was peacefully sleeping clothed only in a diaper. The only reason I saw this was because I was standing on the bread aisle gossipping with an old friend for 45 minutes.

*The headline on today's paper read, "Many Butt Chewin's: Police Chief Retires after 20 Years." One can also read the local police reports which detail such crimes as hate emails sent and threatening notes left at a local laundry mat. Such reading makes my morning coffee ten times better.

*The airbrush shop/portable trailer is open for all your holiday shopping needs.

*My grandmother called to inform my mom that Lantern Jaw Paynard had passed away. Yes, Lantern Jaw. Apparently everyone who attended high school with my grandmother had a nickname. We are forbidden to mention hers.

I joke because I am from here. In all actually, my hometown now has a Chilli's so one must assume that it is not entirely located in the sticks.

We hope everyone has a happy Turkey Day and a safe Black Friday!


Amy C said...

I too saw the Weener mobile not too long ago. My kids were both wearing coordinating outfits that contrasted perfectly to the aforementioned mobile.

I just knew that if they would get in there and sing that we would strike it rich with a national commercial contract.

They refused to try, only to beg to go back and sing as we pulled into the garage 5 minutes later. Ugh!

I am glad your flight went great. It is so nice to be home. Have a great Thanksgiving! Gobble Gobble.

Sarah said...

I can't make it home for Thanksgiving, so can you please drive up and down Race Street just once for me?!

Erika said...

This has been our first trip home in a while. I saw the airbrush "studio" as well. It has been a bit surreal. ;)