Friday, November 09, 2007

A Thought for Your Weekend

Being the second Friday of the month, the children (doesn't that sound quite if we were the VonTrapp family about to hike over the Alps) and I set out for MOPS. Isaac cried because class was over and I had the audacity to pick him up and want to take him home. Evelyn cried because.....well, just because. We think teeth, but the child has been gnawing on everything since day one so it is hard to tell.

A friend of mine took one look at me in the hall.....crying baby hanging from the Bjorn, crying toddler attempting to escape back into class.....and said "Bless Your Heart."

The VonTrapp Family we are not.

Anyway, during our devotional time at MOPS the speaker shared a sentiment she had heard at the funeral for John Weber, Chaplin for the Dallas Cowboys. Mr. Weber was quite the family man and his children spoke fondly of him at his service. One statement their father often said to them was, "We don't expect you to be spectacular. We only expect you to be faithful. Faithful to God, faithful to family and friends, and faithful to yourself."

Little statement, powerful message.

Have a great weekend!

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Ashley said...

Man, E. is getting so big. Both of your kids are so precious. I am not part of a MOPS group. That seems really great