Sunday, November 25, 2007

From Somewhere Under the Laundry Pile...

As the holiday weekend comes to a close, our little family of four is safely back home at casa de phillips. Travel went quite smoothly (sorry to disappoint you, dear readers, with no travel not fear, we are traveling extensively at Christmas), however I am a bit confused by the new boarding procedures Southwest Airlines has put in place (no pre-boarding for families, must print off boarding passes 24 hours in advance to secure a good position in line, etc). Thanksgiving Day was rich in celebration this year as it was Evelyn's first turkey day and Isaac's first time to understand the wonderfulness that is my mother's ice cream dessert.

Because the children and I have been away from home for a week, the undesirable task of getting four people resituated after traveling has overtaken us. Alas, we did manage to put up our tree and get it decorated. We have priorities, people.

Here are a few pictures of our week, just in case you forgot what the children looked like.

Miss E. enjoying her new-found skill of sitting up unassisted on Thanksgiving Day
Due to an extreme dislike of baby cereal, we have skipped ahead to sweet potatoes. They are mildly tolerated. Yesterday, I hauled out the blender and about 10 pounds of organic sweet potatoes and made baby food. The good thing about one's baby starting sweet potatoes after Thanksgiving is that you can find them on major sale.
This little boy had a good Thanksgiving, but is really struggling with "Terrible Two" behavior issues. I told Tobe that Isaac was going to have to enter "Baby Boot Camp" this week at home. I will spare you the details for now, but it was not all sunshine and cute sayings from this little guy.

The highlight of Isaac's Thanksgiving holiday was playing with this Little Tikes Kitchen circa 1982. Yes, it was mine as a child and fortunately my parents kept it for my children to enjoy as well. Notice the rotary phone....I had to explain to Isaac that it was indeed a phone. He looked at me as if I had completely lost my mind because 1. There were no buttons on the receiver and 2.There was this strange cord connecting the two pieces together. Once this whole phone mystery was solved, Isaac played "kitchen" for hours on end.

Leaves! Isaac has been dying to play in piles of leaves since reading several fall-themed books where children play in leaves. He finally had his chance in Arkansas.
He was quite thoughtful and helped Pop-Pop out by relocating the leaves from the yard to the back patio.

Evelyn enjoys the police reports in the local paper just as much as her Mommy

We hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season. Although we are lead to believe that this time of year holds wonder and joy for everyone, the reality is that many people's lives are less than jolly during the holiday season. Be blessed, dear reader.


Kelly said...

Glad it was a drama-free and safe trip for your family. Still very impressed that you flew with two small children by yourself. I'd be scared to fly with just one. Cute pictures!

jenny biz said...

I love the wagon!! Those two kiddos are so beautiful!!

Chelsea said...

Glad it was a happy thanksgiving! I, too, have done the plane ride with kiddos alone---so I totally appreciate the accomplishment of having no travel stories to report!!

And, hang in there with the "two's" behavior. This too shall pass...and then they enter the "three's" behavior. :) ha ha.

Good luck with baby boot camp. Can't wait to read a hilarious post by you about that one too.

margk said...

Great pictures. I love the old kitchen! Healthy Approach has good prices (or did this time last year) on organic baby food and their organic produce is reasonable as well. Glad you had a great holiday.