Saturday, November 03, 2007

Sunday Hodge-Podge

Here's a little tidbit about me: I love a good craft fair.

Especially when I get to attend such a fair A.L.O.N.E., which I did yesterday. There was no stroller to push, no sippy cups to hand out, no husband to patiently wait as I float from booth to booth. Just me to take in all things crafty.

Yesterday there were many crafty items ranging from the adorable (I had to pull myself away from the booths selling ridiculously expensive monogrammed bibs for $25) to the odd (matching Christmas sweaters for your child and dog). The one booth that made me pause was selling crosses, a hot commodity in the craft/design world these days. I am okay with the whole cross thing and have a wall of crosses in my hall and often wear jewelry adorned with this religious symbol. What is a better reminder than a cross?

What made me pause at this booth peddling crosses was that these crosses were decorated in collegiate themes. There was the A&M cross, the UT cross, and the Texas Tech cross. Oh yeah, and the leopard print cross.

I am not sure that is exactly what God had in mind....


Today I seriously considered relocating casa de phillips to Arizona. Now, I know I have threatened the whole move to Vermont thing in the past (which is still on the plate considering our high tomorrow is predicted to be a hot 85 degrees), but this morning when both children were awake and ready to go at 5:25am, Arizona....and their lack of daylight savings time foolishness....seemed quite wonderful.

We run on a schedule here at casa de phillips. Typically we eat, sleep, and bathe at the same times every day. Tobe and I have been doing this for years and so naturally Isaac and Evelyn have to follow along. It works for us and both kids are great eaters and sleepers (aside from the tiny detail that E. is still not sleeping through the night...but that is another post).

Our scheduled life works....except for that cursed Sunday morning each year when all of America (except for Arizona who never messed with their clocks to begin with) turn their clocks back on hour. Although most adults get giddy over the idea of having an extra hour of sleep, such a prospect isn't quite as appealing to the under 4 crowd.( I did hear Tobe attempting to explain the whole Daylight Savings Time concept to Isaac today by saying, "Last night we had a time change and reset the clocks..." I am not sure how that conversation ended but it made me giggle.).

For this reason, all four members at casa de phillips were dressed and ready to go by 7:15am this morning. Needless to say, it was a long day. Tonight at around 5:45pm I hurriedly walked into the living room and instructed Tobe to run for the hills because all heck was breaking loose in the kitchen (where I had left both children yelling/screaming/laughing/crying...seriously they were both doing all four simultaneously). I do not think I have ever actually used the phrase "run for the hills" until this evening, but it seemed appropriate at the time.

We just barely made it to bathtime before both children became completely undone. Once their sweet little heads were laid down for the night and both bedroom doors closed, Tobe and I did a dance of joy. We love those kids...especially when they are asleep peacefully.

I bet they will sleep just as peacefully in Arizona...


Isaac keeps coming up with some random phrases these days. That boy keeps me laughing, even when he does wake-up at 5:15am. Here is a sampling of the things that has come out of his mouth:

"I go to work now. Good luck, Mommy!" (This said as he scoots away on his ride-on dump truck....which lives next to the basketball goal most days. I am not sure why he has started wishing people "good luck" but I think it is hysterical.)

"I come in kitchen and hang-out while Mommy cooks supper." (Hang-out? Again, not sure where he learned that or when he suddenly became 15 years old and is "hanging out" with other individuals. By the way, I was not cooking nor planning on cooking when he informed me of his intent to "hang" in the kitchen with me. He was pretty disappointed with the fact that it was not supper-making time.)

"That boy rude, Mommy." (I heard this phrase about 700 times in an hour today. A friend of a neighbor had parked their car at the end of our driveway, thus blocking us in. Tobe had to go wake this person from his slumber to move the car in order for us to leave this morning. Isaac inquired as to what was happening and I believe I used the word "rude" in my description. Such word is now fully integrated into Isaac's daily vocabulary.)


The whole "big boy bed" gig is working out. Currently Isaac only takes his nap in there, but we have had little issue. Except for the day that he fell out.....which takes a considerable amount of talent considering there are rails on all four sides (it is a cargo style bed) and a wall blocks two sides. Isaac has since learned it is not a good idea to lean oneself over the railing of one's big boy bed in hopes of snatching a toy off the ground because you will have quite the dramatic fall.
Here are a few last Halloween pictures, just because I can't let go of that holiday yet.


Kelly said...

I was thinking Tate's 6:00 a.m. wake up this morning was rough. Sorry!

summer said...

I love all of your Halloween cuteness!! What an adorable pair they were.

Amy said...

I was just thinking today how this particular time change has gone from the absolute best (snuggling under the covers another hour) to the absolute worst. Our day began at 6am and has been off kilter since. I thoroughly sympathize with your 5am awakening.

I was also disappointed to learn that Indiana no longer ignores Daylight saving time thus your only options are very warm weather climates. However, at least in Hawaii and Puerto Rico, you could enjoy the beach:P

Paige said...

Tough morning for us today! Yesterday was okay, but today things were crazy. I hope tonight goes a little LONGER!

Heth said...

Oh my gosh, that little tutu is TOO CUTE!