Thursday, November 01, 2007

Lessons Learned on Halloween

1. If you buy a large bowl full of assorted treats for potential trick or treaters, only two will come to your door and look a bit disappointed with the goldfish and fun-size play-doh containers.

2. Mothers of small children should not wear a costume that involves thigh-high stockings and prevents them from bending over without having a "Britney" moment. Seriously.

3.My two year old will bravely walk up to a door to trick or treat and then walk off to inspect some random object on the stranger's porch, leaving me all alone when the door opens, looking like some sad adult in desperate need of candy.

3. Hay mazes built for children most likely will end with a tunnel as the exit. Such tunnels are not constructed for 5'8" mommies

3. Isaac cares deeply for his sister and questioned her whereabouts.....thirty minutes after Tobe had taken Evelyn home for the night. At least he noticed she was missing.

4.Two year olds understand the art of negotiation at an early age. After hitting up our local street festival and then doing the rounds in our neighborhood, Isaac sweetly said, "Have two things from my Jack-o-lantern, then take bath?" He did choose the tootsie roll pop at first...which likely would have taken him a good 36 hours to consume considering his rate of eating...but was happy to have a cookie and a roll of Smarties instead.

5. If you tell your toddler he can watch the Baby Einstein Christmas Movie after the Halloween season is over (he has been requesting it since June), he will remember such statement and immediately ask for said movie on November 1st.

Here are some pictures from our evening:

Action shot of Isaac Trick or Treating
Posing on the fire truck
How Evelyn spent her evening
The Hay Maze
One side of our firetruck
This is the only shot we have of our little firefighter and his Dalmatian together
The Phillips Family

We hope everyone had a happy and safe evening!


Kelli said...

very cute!! my boys were firemen too!

Sarah said...

Isaac & Evelyn look precious in their costumes!

I especially love the picture of you ducking thru the hay tunnel...

Sydni said...

Great family, costumes and pictures! I'm so glad you blog.

JenniferReinsch said...

It looks like you guys had a great time. I can't believe you made E's costume. That is darling.

Amy C said...

Oh my goodness, that is the cutest firefighter and dalmation I have ever seen! What adorable costumes. I love the photo of Isaac on the firetruck.

Paige said...

FUN! You are So creative!

kate m. said...

I love the stroller decorations with your two little fire department cuties in it. I still can't get over how cute Evelyn's little costume is or how big Isaac looks standing on that fire truck!

About your treats, who doesn't love goldfish and playdoh? More for Isaac, I guess! I love his negotiation skills. Too funny!