Friday, February 13, 2009

A Bicycle Built for Two

These two little people are becoming fast friends/worst enemies at an alarming rate. Their affection levels soar as they fall into fits of giggles or ran off to play something together, only to become lost as a heated battle ensues over a toy (this morning it was the 2 inch Lincoln Log flag, yesterday a puzzle meant for a 12 month old) mere minutes later.

They don't seem to mind the frantic nature of their relationship, often consoling the sibling who just got reprimanded for hitting or helping retrieve a lost juice cup moments after attempting slamming the door in one's face.

Although they do not seemed fazed in the least by their shaky friendship, somedays it simply unnerves me. I wonder, "Will they talk again after they turn 22?" "Will they fight like this when it is time to decide what nursing home to place me in?" "Will we even make it to elementary school age if this fighting continues?".

This red hair might turn gray quicker than expected with such cycling attitudes around here.

Today we ventured out to the library, which has quickly become a favorite Friday tradition. Seems not too many people go to the library on a Friday morning, so we typically have the entire children's section to ourselves.

It is quite blissful.

I can browse the books, the kids can explore the play area or the computers, and we do not have to contend with twenty other parents and children. This morning after I had the children set up at their respective computers (with one computer separating them as a precautionary measure), I made a beeline for parenting section in search of books with such titles as "How to Parent Siblings Effectively" or "Brothers and Sisters Who Never, Ever Disagree" and perhaps "Stellar Parenting Tips for Individuals Named Lynley".

Although none of those particular titles lined the shelves (go figure), there were rows of books on sibling interaction. It was a tad overwhelming. Just as I was attempting to make my selection, I happened to get a glimpse of Isaac out of the corner of my eye. He had gotten up from his computer and was gently replacing Evelyn's headphones and attempting to straighten her hairbow, while showing her how to work the computer game.

My heart just melted.

I decided we were doing okay on with the whole sibling thing. No one has broken any bones yet and they both seem interested in each other still. Perhaps I can hold off on that type of parenting book for a few more months...


DCVol said...

That is so, so sweet! They are precious and I love the pics.

Erika said...

This post melted me!! I can not wait to witness the special bond that siblings have. I love that he helped her straighten her hair bow! Priceless!