Wednesday, February 04, 2009

O, To Be a Super Hero Princess

This afternoon, in my weekly quest to be first in preschool pick-up line, I arrived in time to see Isaac's class finishing up recess on the playground. His Wednesday class is smaller than the Tuesday one, so there were only five kids running around.

I noticed Isaac playing with the only other little boy in the class, both being quite animated in their actions.

After Isaac got in the car, had ransacked the remnants of his lunchbox (why does school make one soooo hungry?), and had proudly displayed his prize for earning ten good behavior stickers; I mentioned how he and the other boy had been playing on the playground and how I was happy to see them playing together.

Isaac then informed me that he and this other child (who is a really nice kid) were having to "fight the girls."

Then a very long tale of how boys must fight off girls because they are knights and girls are superhero princesses ensued. It was a very long tale, with many details I did not quite understand nor really care to hear again.

I then told Isaac that I was a girl so that must make me a superhero princess (and really, who would not want to be both superhero and princess?) and such hybrids (ok, I didn't use the term "hybrid") must be pretty cool.

Without giving so much as a brief pause, he replied, "You're not a girl. You're Mommy."

Currently that same three year old boy is resisting taking a nap. He has appeared at my side no less than five times, stating he has to go to the bathroom or he can't find a certain animal or the planets are not in the correct alignment for napping this fine afternoon. I have found him rearranging the books in his bookshelf and also attempting to make the bed while he lays in it, all in hope of holding off sleep.
Why do kids fight naps somedays? Do you know how much I would pay my own mother if she came over and insisted I laid down for an hour and 1/2?


Robin said...

Clara is a non-napper some days as well. And then other days she naps for three hours. It is always interesting to see what will happen. But it's not always enjoyable. :)


Jordan said...

I seriously LOVE superhero play. :)

I also seriously love naptime.

Jennifer said...

I'm shocked you didn't hear my screams all the way from my house the day that Hudson officially dropped his nap. Granted, he was over 4..much longer than most kids nap but let's say that it was much harder on ME than it was on him. Hope it was just a fluke for I and not the beginning of the end!!!!!

Lauren from Indiana said...

I have contended for my past three semesters here in law school that naptime (and P.E., if I'm honest) should really be a part of the curriculum. I mean, we have lockers, and cubbies (both, yes) and a lunch room and lunch boxes...and we act like children, most of the time. I promise that if you instructed me to take a nap, I would be asleep before you finished telling me to!

Phillips Family said...

I am happy to report that Isaac did indeed fall asleep...about three minutes before he was going to be allowed to get out of bed.

I believe if this new Presidency really wants to achieve something great, then they will mandate that all Americans need to nap for at least a half hour every day. Just a thought, Mr. President...

Heather said...

I'm with you on the naps. Emily has decided that morning naps are no longer needed. I, however, beg to differ!

Lisa said...

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