Saturday, February 07, 2009

Even Scary Birds Can't Keep Me Away from a Good Deal

This morning, as I sat in the comfort of my car, I seriously contemplated not going inside the grocery store due to the large, ominous group of black birds flocking the parking lot. However, I knew there were bargains to be had (free toothpaste this week!) and no juice at home (almost as bad as having no coffee), so I braved the birds and did my shopping for the next two weeks.

I was a bit nervous about what the final total would be this week due to a lack of quality coupons (I had to pay full price for diapers today. Full price, people. That about killed me...fortunately the free toothpaste cheered me right up), but I managed to just go about six dollars over. Not too bad, considering the purchases made and the lack of coupons used.

I did manage to save approximately $50 this week by using my measly stack of coupons, by shopping the store ads, and by using a store reward card. Not too bad.

Sometime in the next week, I hope to have a button on my sidebar linking back to all my posts about feeding the family for under $100 a week. Be sure to look for it!

In the meantime, check out this blog of a fellow Mommy blogger attempting to feed her family for under $300 this month. Pretty impressive.

We spent the day with Tobe's family, which is always a nice treat. On the way home this evening, Isaac said, "Thank you for the trip to Nana and Papa's house."
There was not even a two second pause before another little voice piped up from the backseat saying, "T-aint you for i-cream".
That E. loves her some ice cream.

And she has a pretty fierce fashion sense as well.


Jami said...

Are those sweet glasses from a doctor's kit - if so we have the same ones and Ava also loves those glasses oh these girls and their accessories!

Robin said...

Yes, Ian knows those glasses well. And shares Evelyn's love of ice cream, too. Great minds...

Thanks for your shopping inspiration! I've been motivated to comparison shop more often since you started your $100 a week challenge. Keep up the great work!


Phillips Family said...

yes, those glasses are from a doctor's kit from her Nana's house! They crack me up everytime. Isaac wore them during dinner and Evelyn wore them for dessert.