Friday, February 20, 2009

My family loves pancakes.

Okay...let me be a bit honest and say that Tobe, Isaac, and I love pancakes. We are pretty confident that Evelyn will one day love food other than chicken nuggets, fries, and yogurt but are prepared to host her future wedding reception offering only those three items if the need be.

Anyway..pancakes. They are a big hit around here and are usually reserved for Saturday mornings. However, Isaac enjoys a mid-week pancake as well. Mixing up a huge batch on a Tuesday morning currently does not work with our schedule, so I came up with a solution. When I make pancakes on a Saturday morning, I have begun making extra. I then let those extra cool, place them in Glad's Press and Seal Wrap, and toss them in the freezer.

When Isaac requests some pancakes on a random morning, I simply cut out how many I think he will eat and toss them in the toaster oven.

Easy stuff.

*Yes, that is Halloween-themed Press and Seal wrap. It was on clearance and as far as I know, my freezer is not offended by inappropriate holiday decor use.


One final Mommy confession from here at casa de phillips and then I will let the subject go. Today we had a contractor coming to measure for new counter tops in our kitchen (Oh Happy Day!). Isaac woke up at 5am this morning and never went back to sleep. By 9am, he was a grumpy mess. He could not get along with his sister, he could not obey, and he simply could not cope with life.

Things were not happy here and were going downhill quick. A lid to a toy storage container had been broken by someone's head, a closet rod had been pulled down, Evelyn's nose was constantly running and snot covered the front of her PJs, and by 9:30am Isaac was getting dressed in my closet (the story is simply too long to go into). I had reverted into my voice used in my days of teaching Special Education, one that is calm and monotone and holding back every emotion possible.

I was convinced should that contractor arrive at that very minute he might possibly think he had entered a home for the insane (or at the very least the sleep-deprived).

I huddled the children together, issued a game plan (cleaning up the chaos room-by-room), set out a reward (Nemo Fruit Snacks...the new favorite), and got everyone busy.

By the time the contractor rang our door bell at 10:15am, both children were dressed and sitting quietly at the kitchen table doing a craft while I worked on my menu planning.

The contractor got busy measuring and plotting out our plan for new countertops, only pausing once to comment on what a relaxing atmosphere we had in our home.

I offered a little shrug and smile, uttering a simple "Thanks."


Amy said...

Can't wait to find out more about those countertops!

Jennifer Reinsch said...

New countertops...I am super-envious. I know that monotone voice. I have had to pull it out a few times at work.