Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Confessions of a Sanity-Deprived Mommy

1. The oldest kid here at casa de phillips is really struggling this week. The tears are just flowing...over anything and nothing all at once. We're not really sure if it is sleep issues (the child gets up much too early each morning), Mommy issues (I have been super busy and gone some this week), or plain being-a-three-year-old issues. Regardless, he went to bed E.A.R.L.Y. tonight. I have prayed many a prayer since then that he wakes up in a much better mood in the morning (preferably sometime after 7 am).

2. I had a brief (is five minutes considered brief?) moment of panic this afternoon thinking someone had stolen my car. Just as I was starting to become short of breath over how someone took the car (along with some of E.'s birthday presents in the trunk that I purchased at great clearance prices and a new CD that I am loving right now) and how we would have to purchase another vehicle (we have no car debt), I remembered that I was driving Tobe's car. It was about three feet in front of me during my time of panic.

3. My 21 month old still takes a bottle before going to bed for the night. I am not mentally or physically prepared for the battle that will ensue when it is time to get rid of said bottle.

4. On occasion, Isaac asks to play with a toy train from his early toddler days. He believes said train lives in our attic. What he doesn't realize is that the train was sold in a consignment sale quite the while back because Tobe and I could not tolerate the noise it made.

5. When taking her bottle, Evelyn often requests for the television to be turned on. This is likely a sign that she is much too old for a bottle.

6. For whatever reason, both of my kids enjoy the television program "The Biggest Loser". They refer to it as "The Exercise Class Show." We do not allow our kids to watch normal TV (besides the occasional cooking show or sporting event), but they are fixated by trainers Bob and Jillian so I indulge them on occasion by allowing this show to be viewed for a few minutes. After watching about five minutes of the program last night, Isaac vowed to only eat healthy food and avoid french fries so his body can grow big. He attempted to encourage his sister to do the same. I seriously doubt this will ever happen, since the girl lives for french fries.

7.I usually eat at least three fruit snacks out of the package before passing it along to my kids. I always take an orange one and avoid purple at all costs.

8. When either Tobe or I are drinking a soda, the kids think we are drinking juice specially designed for mommies and daddies (we have never specifically said is an assumption they have come to all on their own). They have no idea that Coke, Dr. Pepper, or Sprite even exist, much less what they are missing out on. Please don't tell them until they are at least 18.

9. Tobe and I find it hilarious when Evelyn says the word "delicious" (de-lish-shish) and we ask her to say it multiple times a day. In her stubborn nature, she always yells back, "No! De-lish-shish!" which cracks us up even more.

10. Isaac informed me this morning he needed to check his email. I informed him that he does not have an email account, nor will he until he is quite the big kid. However, I figure by the time he enters Kindergarten kids will be writing their hotmail address directly under their names on worksheets.

11. There are currently four parenting books on my nightstand. I wish I could simply place them on my head while I sleep and learn all their tricks/tips/techniques through osmosis and read something a bit more interesting in my free time.

12. Tobe told me this evening that the average couple speaks to each other only 12 minutes each day. 12 minutes? I talk more than that to Tobe during the process of waking up and putting my contacts in each morning. I don't know if he told me this random statistic as a way of saying, "Look how well we communicate!" or to say, " would be okay if you talked just a bit less."

13. The children think putting used diapers/pull-ups in the diaper pail is a fun little task. Our diaper pail resides in the garage and both get quite excited when asked to dispose of the diapers. I am hoping to keep this excitement going until Evelyn is potty-trained.

14.Isaac had banana bread for breakfast, which means a good 1/3 of his slice resulted in crumbs on the floor. As of 8:30pm, I have yet to sweep those crumbs up.

15.Evelyn hates the hair dryer. There are times (usually Sundays) when her hair is a fright and needs some TLC by a round brush, a spritz of water, and my big lime green hairdryer. On these occasions, I have to corner her in the bathroom and frantically attempt to dry her hair while she screams. It is such a tender moment. I am sure Hallmark is set to include such a scene in a commercial any day now.

Any confessions lingering out there from other mommies?


Anonymous said...

Since her nanny had a bottle at night until she was two, it is quite acceptable to still have this little bedtime snack for a while longer. I just don't want to be there when you try to get rid of it!!! It's just too delishshush!!

Phillips Family said...

Two??? I thought it was four....

DCVol said...

Thanks for the chuckles tonight~ I especially liked the last one about the hair dryer. You are so right about the email account in Kindergarden....I love email, but I was told that it is "so out" for the upcoming generation and that they do all communicating thru text and Facebook. Lovely.

Kelly said...

We get the "mixed fruit" fruit snacks, and I totally pull out the ones I like (reds and purples) and give Tate the yellow, greens, and oranges. :)

Probably my guiltiest Mommy confession is after random nights where I don't get any slepp. I have purposefully buckled Tate in his booster seat, with a snack, and Sesame Street on, while I take a power nap on the couch right by him. Yikes!

Shelley said...

I have no confessions popping into my head, but I will tell you that my kindergartener does have a login and password at school that she has memorized (it was a must) so that she can access the computers during her computer class. Crazy!?!

GPaty said...

I'm not going to lie...battling this flu at our house is kicking my tail. The last week after not getting any sleep, I have been known to get up with Claire and Gregory, turn on the cartoons in the living room, hand them a Nutrigrain bar and threaten thier life if they eat it anywhere except the kitchen table, and then go back to bed until Meredith wakes up. If you need to call CPS, I understand.

Jordan said...

My children think Wheel of Fortune is the epitome of evening TV. Well, that and Cosby re-runs on TVLand. We don't let them watch much TV, either, but sometimes you just need to veg as a family. Brad says he feels like he's 80 years old!

My floors are ceramic tile that look like wood and I LOVE THEM. They have the durabitlity of tile, but the aesthetics of wood. We just found them at a local tile place. They are a little more expensive than regular tile (because of the time it takes to lay them...not actual price), but still less expensive than wood floors. Email me at jordan-j-mccall-at-gmail-com if you want more details.

Hope sanity makes an (albeit brief) appearance in your house today. :)