Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Finds: UPDATED

Here are a few links to enjoy as you head into the weekend:

*Running of the Brides

"Friends" had Monica participate in the "Running of the Brides" during her wedding planning days. Loved it. This morning on The Today Show the beginning minutes of this year's NYC race were aired. Again, loved it. Despite the fact that I have been married for almost eight years and already own a beautiful wedding gown that was merely worn for a few hours, I kind of want to do the whole "Running of the Brides" thing. It is no secret that I *heart* a good bargain...especially one that requires some quick moves and possibly throwing around an elbow or two. Perhaps Tobe and I should decide to renew our vows one day just so I have an excuse to attend such a sale...

*The Questions Being Raised About "Jon and Kate Plus 8"

I have talked about Jon and Kate and their crew before, usually as a fan of the show in the past. However, their reality television ride is starting to gather some questions and ol J&K are beginning to raise some eyebrows. I found the above article to be quite interesting, a bit disturbing, and a tad hopeful that perhaps someone will realize children and reality television are not a great combination. Again, remember if someone every approaches you to turn your life into reality TV...just say "No!"

*Potty Training Tidbits from a Mommy Blogger

I am gearing up to head down the potty road with Miss E. She has shown signs of readiness for quite a while now and a teacher in her bible class recently commented that she felt that Evelyn was ready to use the potty as well. Although entering the diaper-free world before the age of two seems a bit scary, I think we should take this leap while E. shows interest. We are in the "discussion" stage with her right now, reading some books and talking about big girl underwear. In fact, she and I just purchased her first pair of big girl panties this morning, complete with Cinderella and ruffles adorning them. (Thanks, Ginger, for your Princess Pep Talk). Our other options, other than plain ol pink, were either My Little Pony (a strong contender...E. loves her ponies) or Bratz (terribly scared the 2T package might possibly contain a thong). Obviously we went with Cinderella.

*Our Destination Tomorrow

I am hoping neither child passes out from fright or sheer excitement. I am praying their parents' nerves can handle all the frenzy as well.

*A Tad Too Much Multitasking

Really? The part I really like from this story is the fact the lady was also talking on her cell phone. People really scare me sometimes.


Kelly said...

Very interesting article about J&K+8. Part of me hates to see the show turn so slick and another part of me knows we live in a marketing society and to take advantage wile you can. Hmmmm?

You are too good on the Elmo Live show. I went back and forth about going and ultimately decided against it. Don't tell Tate! :) I'll be eager to hear how it is.

DCVol said...

Fab post! I saw the "Running of the Brides" on the Today Show and got a good laugh~ those women are ruthless. I just read the J&K+8 article and it makes me sad....I haven't watched this season as they got ready to move and moved, but I probably will catch up at some point; I will admit that I get a slimy feeling from Kate, I miss Beth, and I think that Kara looks really sad a lot. That is my two cents! KJS

PS: How awesome that E is interested in the potty!!!

Jennifer Reinsch said...

I promise if I ever manage to get married I will let you do the whole running of the brides thing for me.

Ashley said...

Interesting J & K article. That show is so interesting to me. Good luck potty training. Carley hasn't had an accident in months and had one today. Seriously, it kills me! :) Thanks for your sweet comment today